Afterlife Unit Study

afterlife unit study

Learn about various forms of the Afterlife

Another unit study has come together. This is about the Afterlife, and what happens after we die. Hopefully not too serious a topic  🙂

I have put together pages on 9 religions (Pagan as well as mainstream) to allow for comparisons, and understanding of all kinds of views on the Afterlife.

There are 19 pages in total in this Afterlife unit study. One for each of 9 faiths, a few extra pages listing out things like sins, rules or commandments that influence where your soul goes after death.

There are also some worksheets to answer questions and see what you’ve learned. Even a blank sheet so you can draw your own interpretation of any Afterlife world. Oh, and a crossword puzzle because I like crossword puzzles.

Pagan printablesDownload Pagan afterlife unit study


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