Altar Lapbook

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A lapbook download on altars

Been working on this altar lapbook for a while and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. More lapbooks will be coming!

This is a 9 page set with pieces you cut out to create a file folder lapbook. I’ve included some photos and instructions for those who are really unfamiliar with the lapbook concept. It’s used mainly for homeschooling projects, and this one is all about Pagan altars.

Each piece has spaces to write in as the child learns each bit of information. There are flap-books for the 4 elements and the 4 directions, and lists for colors and items on an altar. Other mini-books have the meaning of the pentacle and why you would have an altar. There are also 2 little books to list special altar items for each Sabbat.

This is a little more complicated than our other printables, so I hope it’s all clear and easy to use.

Pagan printablesDownload altar lapbook

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