Pagan Curriculum

I’ve heard a lot of Pagan parents say that they wish they could find some Pagan curriculum. Well, I have to say that unless I am seriously misinformed, there is no such thing out there. It did get me thinking about what a Pagan curriculum might look like.

I’d like to think that the worksheets here at Little Pagan Acorns might help add some “Pagan-ness” to your otherwise secular homeschooling, but here are some ideas that would go beyond that to give a spiritual center to your teachings that matches your faith.

Now this isn’t supposed to be a complete Pagan curriculum, just a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction. Continue reading

What is Pagan Homeschooling?

Well, I suppose the really obvious answer is it’s homeschooling for Pagans. Pretty simple. But what does it cover and why would it matter?

First of all, the world of homeschooling is dominated by overt Christianity and those of us who follow a different path get very frustrated by the constant religiosity that homeschooling materials can convey. We don’t want worksheets covered in Bible verses and we aren’t too interested in a faith-based view of science. Trying to find secular homeschool materials is tough enough, but it’s almost impossible to find anything specifically Pagan. And this is what has led me to create this site. Continue reading