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Animal Zentangle Coloring Pages

pagan animal coloring pages


I took the lazy route this week and just packed up a collection of animal coloring pages, all in that fancy “zentangle” detail style that I happen to love (I did some symbol pages this way a while ago). Let’s look at this batch of printables as a tribute to the spirit animal!

I think there are 13 animal coloring pages, though they have all come from different sources. Not all have the same exact style or level of detail.

Which one speaks to you the most?


Celtic Deity Coloring Pages

celtic coloring pages for pagan kids

Celtic coloring pages


We’re come to the last set of Deity coloring pages, with the final of the four main pantheons.

Though I am naming this batch “Celtic”, I have made a bit of a mix of Irish, British, Gaulish and other similar regions here.

So here are 11-pages of Celtic Deity coloring pages, using symbols and attributes to make up the illustrations.


Egyptian Deity Coloring Pages

egyptian deity coloring pages

Egyptian deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And we are back to our pantheon coloring project, with a new 9-page set of Egyptian deity coloring pages.

If you’re not familiar with this type of printable, these are symbolic page, with images and text that illustrates the concepts, traits, myths and symbols that go along with each God or Goddess.

Egpytian deities tend to overlap a LOT, so it’s not an error that most of the Goddesses are connected to motherhood and children. That’s just the way it is.


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Greek Deity Coloring Pages

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And the wheel rolls on to our next pantheon: the Greeks. This is an 11-page set of coloring pages for the main Greek Gods and Goddesses.

I regret leaving out a few, so there may be a second installment of this coming up with Demeter, Hecate and a few others.

As with my earlier batch of Norse Gods, this is a symbolic type of page representing the things or myths each God represents (see a sample).

I still have a couple pantheons I want to cover with this but I may tackle something different for my next post so you’re not swamped in coloring pages….

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Norse Deity Coloring Pages

Norse Deity coloring pages for Pagan kids

Norse Deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


Since I can’t draw, and it’s too hard to make coloring pages with actual people, I’ve done a symbolic type of coloring page for 8 of the main Norse Deities. Kind of like my earlier pages on colors.

Each one has various smaller images that relate in some way to the Gods or Goddesses, not always as traits though.

You can learn more about each one by figuring out what the pictures represent (what’s that boat for Freyr about?).

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Zentangle Style Coloring Pages

Detailed Pagan coloring pages, for adults or kids

Detailed Pagan coloring pages, for adults or kids


I got inspired by the current range of adult coloring books, using the detailed designs known sometimes as “zentangle”. Not sure if that’s a term anyone is going to recognize, but I had to call these something. So that’s what they are.

This download has 4 pages, with a pentacle, triquetra, ankh and a triple moon (see a sample). They are quite a bit more detailed than the other coloring pages I’ve done, so they’d be better for patient older kids or adults.

Please note that these are hand-drawn, so the lines are aren’t perfectly dark and smooth. That just adds to their charm, I think.

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Simple Altar Tool Coloring Pages

altar tool coloring pages for Pagan kids

Simple altar tool coloring pages for Pagan kids


Nothing fancy today (I’m super-busy trying to get a house bought). Just a little 6-page set of coloring pages for altar tools. Would be good for early readers who are just learning some words. See a sample.

The graphics have nice thick borders for kids just getting the hang of coloring inside the lines.

I feel that I should say more, but that’s about it. Enjoy some coloring!

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Sacred Places Coloring Pages

Sacred places coloring sheets for Pagan kids

Sacred places coloring sheets for Pagan kids


These didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped but I figured I’d share them anyway. A small 6-page coloring page set of sacred places around the world, from various Pagan paths (see a sample).

Some are more detailed than others, but I had to work with the images available for this.

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Mini Alphabet Coloring Pages

Pagan alphabet pages

New set of Pagan alphabet pages


At the request of a follower, I’ve remade my original set of alphabet coloring pages so that they are now only half-page in size each.

That makes a total of 13 pages, each with 2 letters on them. You can cut them apart to make big flashcards, or just coloring pages that are a little easier to transport around (see a sample).

I hope this format makes the pages a little more flexible and helpful for you Pagan parents out there.


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Seasonal Sabbat Buntings

sabbat printables for pagans


A different kind of printable coloring sheet for Sabbats and seasons: decorative flags or buntings. There is 24 pages to this set, with 1 each for the Sabbats and then a mix of seasonal designs that you can print in whatever combination floats your boat (see a sample).

You cut each one out, and fold the little flap at the top so you can hang them from a long string or piece of yarn. I think they are a fun way to decorate for the Sabbats or just to honor the seasons.

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