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Months of the Year

year printables for Pagans

Month of the year printables for Pagans

Get to know the months of the year with this new 12-page set of printables (see a sample).

Basic info on each month of the year, with a Pagan slant, is included in each page: where the name comes from, how many days, what sabbats are in that month and what full moon’s are called in each month.

Great to pin up on the fridge or bulletin board each month for younger kids learning about the year.

These would work nicely together with the days of the week pages for calendar displays.

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The Nine Noble Virtues

nine noble virtues pagan worksheets

Learning values, the Pagan way


After seeing so many Bible-based pages that teach values, I figured there needed to be something more Pagan. I based these pages on the Norse 9 Noble Virtues, though I kept the explanations fairly simple for kids. Each one outlines the virtue along with a quote from the Havamal that illustrates the idea (see a sample).

Use them as handouts, or stick one on the fridge each week to learn a new value. I may repost these as half-pages later as well. Not sure.


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Days of the Week Pages

Days of the Week printables for Pagans

A Pagan perspective on the days of the week


This is sort of a cross between a set of coloring pages and a unit study. Use it as you wish.

I have included a mix of pages (see a sample), all the same except for their size and layout, illustrating the meaning and associations for each day. You can use the larger ones as coloring pages or the smaller ones on a calendar board display (homeschoolers use these a lot).

They would work well with my new months of the year pages.


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