Math Worksheets

Basic Math Worksheets

Pagan math worksheets for homeschoolers

Basic math skills worksheets with a Pagan theme


I think I’ve mentioned that I wanted to tackle a few more “academic” subjects for Pagan homeschoolers, and this is the first of 4 batches of basic math worksheets.

Each set has 3 levels from easy to more difficult (more digits basically). Adorned whimsically with Pagan symbols, these are just standard math practice sheets. Just addition and subtraction now, but there will be all 4 main math functions coming up. Each set has 6 pages (2 pages per level).

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Fact Family Math, part 2

fact family flash cards

Learning fact families to speed up mental math, for multiplication and division

Ok, it took me more than 2 years but I finally got the second bunch of these fact family flash cards done, this time for multiplication and division. There is an earlier set already done for addition and subtraction, for younger kids just getting into math.

There is a longer explanation on the page about how these work if you’re not familiar with fact families. You can use these cards to memorize each family, up to 10×10.


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Fact Family Drill Cards

pagan math printables

Flash cards for learning math fact families


We never learned about math “fact families” when I was a kid, but I thought it was a pretty neat approach. And the triangular shape of these number triads was perfect for a little triquetra.

You print these out on card stock and cut out the triangles. Each group of 3 numbers relates to each other like 5=2+3 and 5-3=2 and so on. If you’re not familiar with these, I’ve added a longer explanation on how to use the cards in the file.

This set is for addition and subtraction up to 10 (I left out the zeros as well). Another set for multiplication/division will be coming.

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Matching Number Worksheets

pagan math worksheet printables

Simple number matching worksheets


These are really basic little homeschool worksheets where a child draws a line from the number to the matching group of objects.

I wasn’t happy with the way these turned out. The graphics were horrible to format along with the numbers so I am going to use a different style or layout next time. There are only 2 pages in this group, with a mix of Pagan symbols (see a sample).

I plan on doing more of these, just not quite in the same was as these two. Even so, I figured I’d share them anyway.

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