Notebooking Pages for Stones

stone and crystal notebooking pages

Printable notebooking pages on stones and crystals, from a Pagan point of view.


For anyone doing a study on stones or crystals, including their magickal attributes, these printables are great for anyone into notebooking. Great for homeschooling or to be added to a growing BOS volume.

There are 24 pages, showing 23 common stones used in rituals and a blank page you can print out multiple times to make your own sheets (see a sample)

The images are in color, but will print out fine if you are doing black and white. If you are printing in b/w, I suggest letting kids look through the pictures on the computer so they can see the true look of the stones. Without color, they’re all kind of going to look alike.

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Herbal Notebooking Pages

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant


Notebooking pages for magickal or medicinal herbal studies, or however you want to use them. I’ve included 25 herbs and one blank page that you can use to create your own additional entries. There are some blanks to fill in about each herb, and a larger section I’ve called “folklore” where any other information can be written in (see a sample).

They are illustrated with vintage botanical drawings, which are really just for show. I wouldn’t count on them for any real field identification or anything like that.

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Norse Deities Notebooking Pages

free norse mythology notebooking pages

Norse pantheon notebooking pages to download


I know I’ve done a set of these recently, but it was bugging me that only some pantheons were available. Now my collection is a bit more complete with this Norse set. Check on the rest of the notebooking pages if you’re interested.

There are 11 major Norse Gods & Goddesses, each with lots of open space for taking notes about their roles and stories. The space at the top is for a quick outline of what that Deity represents. The illustrations are all classic b&w depictions of the Deities (see a sample).


Celtic Deities Notebooking Pages

notebooking pages on Celtic mythology

Notebooking pages for Celtic Gods & Goddesses


I’ve already done Greek and Egyptian Deities, so it’s time to move onto the next pantheon.

This is a 13-page set of Celtic God and Goddess notebooking pages, each with an illustration of the deity and lots of space for free-form note taking (see a sample).

Space at the top is intended for a quick overview of the aspects of each God or Goddess but the rest of the page can be used for anything. Great for any sort of Celtic pantheon projects.

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Planets Notebooking Pages

notebooking pages on the planets

Printable notebooking pages on the planets


Blank notebooking pages for any projects about the planets of the solar system.

Each page has a color picture of the planet, and lots of room for making notes. The top has specific spots to mark where this planet lies from the sun (4th, 6th etc), and to give details on what areas of our lives each planet influences (That’s what makes these Pagan).

The set has 9 pages, and I have included Pluto (see a sample).

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Greek Deity Notebooking Pages

Pagan homeschooling printables and notebooking pages

Notebooking pages for Greek pantheon studies


These blank notebooking pages can be used with any Greek Deity study, whether you are Pagan or not. They would be great for mythology or ancient history too.

The main Greek Gods and Goddesses are included, making a pack of 13 pages. Each page has an illustration, and a space at the top for a quick outline of what each God or Goddess represents. The rest of the page has lined space for free-form notes (see a sample).

The illustrations are mainly statues of each Deity, and there is some nudity. Nothing excessive though.

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Egyptian Deity Notebooking Pages

Egyptian notebooking pages for Pagan homeschooling

Egyptian notebooking pages


These notebooking pages can be used with any Egyptian mythology or pantheon studies. You don’t have to be Pagan to have a use for them.

There are 9 pages, one for each of the main Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Each page has a color illustration, and a space at the top for a quick outline of what each one represents. The rest of the page is just lined space for any research or notes (see a sample).


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