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Tarot for Kids Manual



The next installment in our larger Tarot project is now finished. The Tarot Manual for Kids is now available, and it can be used with our custom card designs or with any traditional deck you already own.

This book is about 40-pages long, and outlines the simple meaning and symbolism behind each card. It’s longer than most of our printable sets, so it might take a minute or two to download.

It currently doesn’t have any material on how to layout the cards or interpret meanings. This is a strictly card-by-card interpretation. Future pages will have more instruction on the how of Tarot.

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Printable Tarot Cards for Kids

Tarot deck for kids

Tarot for Kids!

The printable Tarot for Kids has finally been completed!

This is a 30-page PDF file, with a complete deck of original Tarot cards in 2 sizes (1 set is 4/page and 1 set is 10/page). Just print out the pages you need. They are in full color and use a fun mix of cartoon images to illustrate the cards in the traditional way.

Unlike most of the material on this site, this printable is not free. Sorry, it was many hard weeks in the making and I figured that a price tag of 99 cents was still pretty fair.

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Pagan Symbol Lacing Cards

Pagan lacing cards for preschool kids

Pagan lacing cards to help little fingers with fine motor movements


I realized that I really don’t have too much for the preschool audience, so I thought I would try something different. These are printables for 4 different styles of lacing cards.

Print them out on heavy cardstock (or laminate them), punch holes and let your kids lace them up with yarn or string.

It’s a great quiet activity to help kids with fine motor control, and to generally keep their hands busy. This is a 2-page set with a pentacle, triquetra, ankh and Norse hammer symbols.


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Scavenger Hunt Lists

Pagan scavenger hunt printable lists

Pagan scavenger hunt printable lists


I’m calling them “mythology marches” because I’m tired of tagging everything Pagan.

This is a little 3-page set of scavenger hunt lists for your usual outdoor walk in the woods (see a sample). The first page is a really simple elemental one for younger kids, and the other two include mythological references for the items.

Just a little added educational value. They’re not very long, so you could easily use both pages 1 and 2 on a single outing.



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Printable Trivia Game Cards

Pagan trivia card game

Test your Pagan trivia knowledge with these printable game cards

I made these up a while ago for another project and just realized how great they would be for some Pagan trivia fun at home. There is no real “game” to go with these, but you can use them to stump each other during a coven meeting, festival gathering or anytime.

Each page has 10 cards, with 2 questions on each card. They can be printed as-is and cut apart, or they should work if you print them on perforated business card sheets (no guarantees on that!). With 10 sheets, that’s a total of 200 trivia questions. Click on the pic to download the file.

Most are Pagan, but I’ve tossed in other religions, new age and pop culture stuff too. Some are going to be too obscure for most kids which can make them fun for the whole family.

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Printable Fortune-Tellers

printable fortune tellers

Fold your own Pagan themed fortune teller

Some people call these things fortune tellers, or “cootie catchers”. At any rate, I thought a few Pagan-themed ones would be fun.

I’m pretty sure most people know how to use them, so I just included some basic folding instructions. If you really have no clue, drop me a note and I can elaborate  🙂

The 11-page set has Egyptian, Greek, and Norse deities, as well as a more Wiccan one with altar tools, and one with the seasons.

Each one is either blank inside (you can write in your own answers), or one with answers is included. The answers are the same for each one. (see a sample)


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Goddess Game

Free printable Goddess board game

Free printable Goddess board game


This is one of the first printables I wanted to do, and finally got it done! It’s a printable board game, with a mix of nature and Wiccan/Goddess imagery through it.

It’s just a single page, and should be self-explanatory.

You can play with buttons for tokens, and flip a coin to either go 1 or 2 with each turn. Follow the instructions on each square. Many are just symbols where you do nothing, and others have you move again or whatever. You can play with dice, but you’ll move through the board too quickly.

It’s a fun way to pass the time with a couple of younger kids.


Pagan Bingo Game

pagan game printables

Pagan bingo game printable


Bingo is a great little game to keep younger children amused for a while, and now you can play a Pagan version.

This printable game has 6 different Bingo cards on it, with a variety of Pagan symbols and images on them (see a sample).

There is also a “callers card” that you can cut up, and them pick out each image at random for the players to mark off on their cards. Use coins or other markers of your own.


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Pagan Matching Card Game

pagan kids card games

Pagan matching memory game



This is your typical memory game with a set of picture cards that you can print off yourself. Make 2 copies on heavy card stock and cut out the cards. To play, just shuffle them up and lay them all out face-down. Turn them over 2 at a time to find the pairs.

There are 10 Pagan images, so you’ll have a set of 20 cards. Each one has a black and white illustration that you can color in yourself (see a sample).

A color version is coming soon.


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