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pagan alphabet poem


I’ve written an alphabet poem that highlights a mix of Pagan images and ideas, across a few different pantheons though I admit there is a signficant Wiccan and nature slant to it.

Each letter has a short poem, with varying types of rhyming patterns from one to the next. This Pagan alphabet poem is 7 pages long and is basically “plain text” without illustration as it is meant to be read aloud (see a sample page).

The plan with this poem is to create a lovely print book with full-color illustrations in the near future. For now, you can have copies of the text as a free download.


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Read-Aloud Poems

Learn letter  combination sounds with cute Pagan poems

Learn letter combination sounds with cute Pagan poems

Not exactly sure where I was going with these, but someone asked for more pages for early readers, and this is what you get. I wrote up 3 Pagan-themed poems for kids, each one highlighting a certain combination of letters.

There is a poem for “ch”, “tr” and “th”.

Not sure if these will help with learning to read, but they were fun to write 🙂

If this is what folks want, I will do more with other letter combos.

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Tabby Gets the Hiccups

Tabby Gets the Hiccups - a Pagan poem

Tabby Gets the Hiccups – a Pagan poem


This is my first attempt at a Pagan read-aloud poem that would be fun for kids of varying ages.

It’s about a Pagan little girl who is trying to use magick to get rid of her hiccups. It’s Wiccan in style but would appeal to many different Pagan faiths, I think.

There are some small illustrations but since I can’t draw, they’re not extensive.


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