Unit Studies

Artemis the Brave Book Study

pagan book study units


Started work on one of my homeschool-related projects, and that is a line of book study units to go with Pagan books.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good Pagan novels out there to work with so I am starting off with the Goddess Girls series (for ages 9 to 12). Possibly a little young to be doing writing units like this, but I had to start somewhere.

There is a single page worksheet for each of the 11 chapters (see a sample), each with vocabulary words to learn and questions to answer about that chapter. It’s usually just remembering details, rather than in-depth analysis.

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Tarot for Kids Manual



The next installment in our larger Tarot project is now finished. The Tarot Manual for Kids is now available, and it can be used with our custom card designs or with any traditional deck you already own.

This book is about 40-pages long, and outlines the simple meaning and symbolism behind each card. It’s longer than most of our printable sets, so it might take a minute or two to download.

It currently doesn’t have any material on how to layout the cards or interpret meanings. This is a strictly card-by-card interpretation. Future pages will have more instruction on the how of Tarot.

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Afterlife Unit Study

afterlife unit study

Learn about various forms of the Afterlife

Another unit study has come together. This is about the Afterlife, and what happens after we die. Hopefully not too serious a topic  🙂

I have put together pages on 9 religions (Pagan as well as mainstream) to allow for comparisons, and understanding of all kinds of views on the Afterlife.

There are 19 pages in total in this Afterlife unit study. One for each of 9 faiths, a few extra pages listing out things like sins, rules or commandments that influence where your soul goes after death.

There are also some worksheets to answer questions and see what you’ve learned. Even a blank sheet so you can draw your own interpretation of any Afterlife world. Oh, and a crossword puzzle because I like crossword puzzles. Continue reading

Creative Arts with the Muses

pagan printables

Explore your creative side with the Muses

A longer package than usual, with a 24-page set of printables on the Muses. It’s a unit study to explore creativity following the theme of the 9 Greek Muses.

There are 9 pages illustrating the Muses, with their roles and traits. Along with that are a list of suggested activities that go along with them. They are very loose suggestions and you can adapt them to suit your interests. To help, I’ve include another 14 pages to go with the activities. There are craft templates, poems to read or perform, blank sheets for research or whatever.

Do one activity per Muse, or tackle them all. Might be some fun inspiration for summer activities over the holiday.

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Pagan People Unit Study

pagan unit studies

Unit study on important Pagan people


A bit more of an academic study this time, with a collection of biographies of important people in modern Paganism.

It’s a 22-page package that covers a brief bio of 9 significant Pagans and Wiccans. There are bio pages, book lists for each person, and also a page of good quotes. I have also made up a couple of question sheets to reinforce what’s been read and to encourage a little further thinking.

No puzzles or coloring pages with this set, so it’s more geared towards older kids (or even adults?) who are looking for a study unit.


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Moon Unit Study

free printables about the moon

Unit study on the moon for Pagan kids


I have been itching to do this set for a while, and though it’s not really a full unit study, it’s a good set of printables about the moon from a Pagan viewpoint.

There are a bunch of pages that talk about the symbolic names of each full moon, the ritual aspects of the main moon phases, a page of general moon information and an introduction to some of the main Deities that are associated with the moon (see a sample). Oh, and a crossword puzzle to test out what you’ve learned.

I left out myths and stories about the moon because there were just too many of them to choose from. I may add more pages later.

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Runes Unit Study

rune unit study for Pagan kids

Printable unit study on runes


I got the urge to do this one after finishing those notebooking pages on the Norse pantheon.

This is a 16-page set of printables to introduce kids to the runes and give them a chance to learn and practice the symbols and meanings (see a sample).

The package has a story on how Odin found the runes, how to make your own set and how to read them. There is a chart with all the symbols and their meanings, including a blank one to fill in for practice later. Also, a crossword and a symbol jumble puzzle. I think that’s all.

*update – I’ve added another 3 sheets of handwriting practice sheets to learn how to write the symbols.

I’d suggest using this along with some practice time with an actual rune set, to get familiar with the meanings and how to interpret them in real life.

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Introduction to Herbs Unit Study

pagan homeschool printables

Herbal unit study for Pagan kids


Alrighty, my first unit study is done. It’s an introductory little package to start teaching Pagan kids about herbs (see a sample)

There are 18 pages, and they include several correspondence charts (including 2 to be filled in), and pages on herbs from a Pagan perspective. I’ve also include some worksheets and puzzles. There is an introduction that explains things a bit more but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

I’d love some feedback on this (too simple, not enough info, too detailed etc) so please stop by the Facebook page and leave me a comment.


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