Word Jumbles

God & Goddess Jumble Puzzles

Pagan God and Goddess jumble word puzzles for kids

Pagan God and Goddess jumble word puzzles for kids


Test your pantheon knowledge with this 10-page set of Deity jumble puzzles (see a sample). There are 2 pages each for Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic Gods, and 2 mixed world pages (that include names from more than these 4 pantheons).

I’ve tried to include some of the lesser-known Deities so you might need to do a little research on the tough ones. I’m sure the Gods will appreciate your effort. Continue reading

Herb Jumble Puzzles

printable herb puzzle jumbles

Herbal jumble puzzles to print


The classic jumble is back. This time the theme is herbs, and I have 8 pages of jumbled up herbs for you to figure out. I didn’t include the answers but I am guessing that you can eventually work them all out.

Check out a sample page, or click on the image to download the set.

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Altar Tool Word Jumbles


pagan word jumble printable worksheet

A word jumble printable on Pagan altar tools.


These word puzzles have a bunch of words with the letters mixed up, and you have to figure out what each one is. Some people call them word scrambles.

There are 10 words on each work sheet, and they are all related to altar tools and other things you might find on an altar (see a sample).

The pack has 5 pages in it, all with some illustrations.

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