Word Searches

Hindu Word Searches

Word search puzzles on various Hindu Gods and Goddesses


As you may remember, I am looking at expanding some of the pantheons and paths that are covered here at Little Pagan Acorns. So I’m putting together some Hindu stuff. I know more people voted for Native American, but that is such a huge and varied area that I’m not quite ready for it.

This is just a small set, with 2 new puzzles and I also included one older one that was part of the World Deities set from years ago. That makes a total of 3 pages.

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Mythological Places Word Searches

mythology word search puzzle printables

Mythological places word search

Sorry, it’s been a while since any new printables have been posted. Working on a bigger project which should see the light of day soon.

At any rate, here is a little bundle of 4 word searches based on various mythological places (one each for Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic).

I picked places from myth but sometimes they are just historic locations for that area. Basically a mix of location names associated with each Pagan culture. I think these would go nicely with the mythological creatures puzzles  🙂


Mythological Creatures Word Searches

Mythological beasts word search printables

Mythological beasts word search printables


Taking the easy route with yet another round of word search printables. This is a 3-page set with mythological beasts from all pantheons and cultures. Most are familiar but I threw in some obscure ones to promote a little research (see a sample).

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Deity Word Searches part 2

pagan deity word searches

Deity word searches from the major Pagan pantheons


I thought it was time to go back to some of my earlier sections and add some extra content. This is a new set of Deity word searches, with 2 pages each for 5 different pantheons (Greek, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian and Roman).

That’s a total of 10 pages in this download (see a sample). I also added some of the lesser-known Deities compared to the last set.

Since I have already included other word searches like this, I have continued my sophisticated numbering system so you can tell individual pages apart.


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Pagan People Word Searches

Pagan people word search printables

Pagan people word search printables


I am actually starting on a new unit study about several notable Pagan people, but I thought I would toss these out there in the meantime. If you are doing any work on the current state of Paganism in the world, then getting to know some important names would fit right in.

It has a clear Wiccan bias, but I thought that all of these people still played a valuable part in bringing non-mainstream spirituality to the public.

I admit, these are a little less “fun” than most of my other puzzles, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head to do this topic right now.

Stones and Crystals Wordsearch

Stones word search puzzles for Pagan kids

Stones word search puzzles for Pagan kids


How could I not have done any pages on stones or crystals yet. Shame on me.

Just a quickie set of 8 word searches on various stones and crystals that are used in spells and other Pagan rituals.

Each page has a little illustration though I found it kind of hard to get decent graphics for stones (see a sample).

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Herb Word Searches

herb and plant word searches for free download

Herbal word search pages


Yes, I have more word searches. This collection is an herbal one, with 10 pages of herb and plant related terms, specifically those with magickal or Pagan significance.

There are 10 pages, all with a random mix of herbs. Illustrations are sometimes of specific herbs from the puzzle, but not always (see a sample).

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Altar Tool Word Searches


Altar tool word searches

Altar tool word searches



This is a small pack of Pagan word search puzzles that feature all sorts of altar tools or things you would find in your sacred space.

There are 5 puzzles in this pack, each with a random mix of altar terms and an illustration (see a sample).


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Sabbat Word Searches


sabbat word search puzzles for pagans

Sabbat word search puzzles


This pack of Pagan word search puzzles has a Sabbat theme to help you learn about and celebrate the Wheel of the Year.

There are 4 pages of general Sabbat word searches, and then 2 each specifically for each holiday. That makes a total package of 20 word search pages. Each has a little illustration you can color. (see a sample)


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Deity Word Searches

Pagan deity word search printables

Deities Word Searches


One of the fundamental aspects of being Pagan is the belief in many Gods and Goddesses. This set of word search puzzles covers all the major world pantheons. Each page has a little illustration.

There are 5 puzzles with a mix of Deities, and then 1 puzzle each for Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Hindu and Santeria. (see a sample)

So you’ll get 11 pages of word searches in this pack.