Greek Deities Lapbook

greek mythology lapbook for pagan kids and homeschooling

Greek mythology lapbook

This new lapbook is a mix of Deity pantheon and ancient Greek mythology. It’s not explicitly Pagan but I think it gives a nice introduction to any Hellenic studies.

I’ve included folding pieces for 10 Gods and Goddesses, a list of the original Titans, a small flap book on the heroic myths, and a little pocket piece for mythical creatures (8 of them, I think). There is a title piece for the cover, and a blank page for a drawing of Mount Olympus. Everything is blank inside for your own information entry.

It’s a 10-page pack with further instructions and the photos of the finished product. You can always rearrange the lapbook pieces any way you want. These photos are just one example of how you can put it all together.

Pagan printablesDownload Greek mythology lapbook

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