Hindu Word Searches

Word search puzzles on various Hindu Gods and Goddesses

As you may remember, I am looking at expanding some of the pantheons and paths that are covered here at Little Pagan Acorns. So I’m putting together some Hindu stuff. I know more people voted for Native American, but that is such a huge and varied area that I’m not quite ready for it.

This is just a small set, with 2 new puzzles and I also included one older one that was part of the World Deities set from years ago. That makes a total of 3 pages.

If you are familiar with our word searches, you might notice these have a bit of a different style to them. The program I use to make the puzzles has changed, so I have to change along with it. Not a big deal, just different fonts and sizing.

Pagan printables Download Hindu wordsearch printables


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