Our Printables

Rather than repeat myself about all our various files and documents, I figured I should lay out the details in one place. So here goes.

All the files available here at Little Pagan Acorns are in PDF format, which is the easiest way to share files so that the formatting stays true no matter who downloads them. Most computers have built-in PDF readers, but if you don’t have one you can download a free viewer from Adobe.

Each post has a picture from the file, but you can no longer click there to download. Every page has a big bold link with an acorn button next to it that you use to download the printables. I’m not adding any sample pages any more as most browsers now show you the PDF file before you download, so you can check it out before deciding.

Most of the printables are bundled up by topic or theme and may have many pages in each set, but once you have the file downloaded, you can print any of the pages that you wish. In other words, you don’t have to print the entire set.

I’m using a numbering system to keep track of some printables that may end up have multiple versions. So you may have a Deity crossword #1 or #3.

And a note on age-appropriateness. I really have no idea what ages these pages are going to be suitable for, particularly the puzzles. Pagan words aren’t always the easiest which might make them tough for younger kids but it depends on the child. So you will have to use your own judgment about when and where to use these printables in your homeschooling or other activities.

I hope that makes using our files a little easier, and I hope that our collection of unique Pagan pages is helpful to a few people.