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I’ve always tried to include a mix of different Pagan paths, but have fallen into a bit of a rut with the usual Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic groups. So I wanted to get some input on what other pantheons or cultures you’d like to see included. Click through to my new poll, and offer up some suggestions.

Please select no more than 3 options (I suspect some people would select everything) and I’ll try to add some new pages that branch out a bit, based on what folks would like to see.

Which Pantheons Would You Like to See?

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I know I haven’t included every possible option, just a few that might be popular. If you really want to see something that I haven’t listed, please make a comment below about it? I apologize if I missed anything really obvious.


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6 Responses to Pantheon Poll

  • zanderella says:

    my main concern with “native american” is there are literally Hundreds of different tribes who all have their own pantheon types. so if you do decide to take that group on i strongly encourage you to please break it down by tribal nation first and pantheon/mythos second. contact the local to you tribes first to see if they have resources to share and if they have a reason for why they don’t want to, respect that please (sorry if this comes off preachy. its a sore subject)

    • editor says:

      I would definitely break it down by tribe or region as best I could. It would also depend on what I was doing. Word searches, for example, don’t require a huge amount of research. I’m not necessarily talking about in-depth unit studies.

  • Amanda says:

    Stregheria/Italian Witchcraft would be awesome. 🙂

  • Mayra says:

    What about Mesopotamian and Babylonian? Ishtar and Anu and that group?

  • Ieshea says:

    Thank you so much for expanding your pages

  • AL says:

    great greetings and Brightest Blessings to you all. I just wished to add my view on the Hindu deities. I am still very new to Wicca, and just previous to my alignment to the Wiccan beliefs I was studding Hindu teachings, very interesting. and very worth while. Like the Native Americans they do have a huge and varied number. however I think they have a core group that have some great attributes. I have certainly looked on them fondly, and am still looking into many of their teachings. I find some of the sadhguru teachings really very good.

    Also we are soon to emigrate to New Zealand, so maybe I should request Maori too. again they have some very interesting and wonderful deities

    Many thanks for the chance to see this good work. I have really enjoyed this website, and I’m looking forward to sharing the content with my children. and if I’m honest, its been really beneficial to me as a new learner of Wicca. so many, many thanks.

    Peace and love to all.
    and the merriest part.

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