Poetic Handwriting Practice

handwriting practice for Pagan kids

OK, the title for this is a little vague but it started as a single page on calling the quarters and when I added more to it, I didn’t what to call it. This is a 3-page set of pages that can be used as inspiration for handwriting practice, or even just to put up as poster to learn some of these popular bits of text.

These are for older Pagan kids who need to practice cursive writing, but don’t need the line-by-line type of format anymore.

It includes quarter calls that are a bit more poetic than the usual traditional ones (a little less repetative this way), and shortened versions of the Witches Creed and the Wiccan Rede. If anyone knows of similar pieces of text that I could use that are less Wiccan-centric, leave me a comment.

Pagan printablesDownload Poetic Poster Pages


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