Printable Tarot Cards for Kids

Tarot deck for kids

Tarot for Kids!

The printable Tarot for Kids has finally been completed!

This is a 30-page PDF file, with a complete deck of original Tarot cards in 2 sizes (1 set is 4/page and 1 set is 10/page). Just print out the pages you need. They are in full color and use a fun mix of cartoon images to illustrate the cards in the traditional way.

Unlike most of the material on this site, this printable is not free. Sorry, it was many hard weeks in the making and I figured that a price tag of 99 cents was still pretty fair.

You’ll have to make your purchase with Paypal, and the PDF file should be emailed to you. Check your spam folders!

Visit the shop to get your copy.

If you have any problems with the transaction or cards, please let us know.

To go along with the cards, I now have a free Tarot manual based on these cards, and next will be a unit study of worksheets to help kids learn how to read the Tarot. Bookmark this page for updates on the rest of this project!



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