Printable Trivia Game Cards

Pagan trivia card game

Test your Pagan trivia knowledge with these printable game cards

I made these up a while ago for another project and just realized how great they would be for some Pagan trivia fun at home. There is no real “game” or rules to go with these, but you can use them to stump each other during a coven meeting, festival gathering or anytime.

Each page has 10 cards, with 2 questions on each card. They can be printed as-is and cut apart, or they should work if you print them on perforated business card sheets (no guarantees on that!). With 10 sheets, that’s a total of 200 trivia questions.

Most are Pagan, but I’ve tossed in other religions, new age and pop culture stuff too. Some are going to be too obscure for most kids which can make them fun for the whole family.

Pagan printablesDownload Pagan trivia game cards

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