Persephone the Phony Book Study


To go with the Goddess Girls book, “Persephone the Phony”, this 19-page package includes content questions and vocabulary words for each chapter. You can use the vocab words for spelling or cursive practice too.

Along with the 10 chapter-by-chapter worksheets, there are also additional writing prompts on being yourself, growing seeds, the myth of Demeter and Persephone and the geography of the Greek underworld.

Answer key is also included.


More on the Goddess Girls series:

The Goddess Girls series of books follows many of the traditional Greek Goddesses as young teenagers in a fun high-school setting. They blend mythology with the usual social and personal themes you expect for this age group (fitting in, being honest, etc.) They are geared towards a 9 to 12 age group.

This unit goes with the book “Persephone the Phony”. The themes are about independence, being yourself, and friendship.