Runes Unit Study

rune unit study for Pagan kids

Printable unit study on runes

I got the urge to do this one after finishing those notebooking pages on the Norse pantheon.

This is a 16-page set of printables to introduce kids to the runes and give them a chance to learn and practice the symbols and meanings.

The package has a story on how Odin found the runes, how to make your own set and how to read them. There is a chart with all the symbols and their meanings, including a blank one to fill in for practice later. Also, a crossword and a symbol jumble puzzle. I also added some “handwriting practice sheets” where you can practive writing out the symbols.

I’d suggest using this along with some practice time with an actual rune set, to get familiar with the meanings and how to interpret them in real life.

Pagan printablesDownload rune unit study

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