Altar Tools

Read-Aloud Poems

Learn letter  combination sounds with cute Pagan poems

Learn letter combination sounds with cute Pagan poems

Not exactly sure where I was going with these, but someone asked for more pages for early readers, and this is what you get. I wrote up 3 Pagan-themed poems for kids, each one highlighting a certain combination of letters.

There is a poem for “ch”, “tr” and “th”.

Not sure if these will help with learning to read, but they were fun to write 🙂

If this is what folks want, I will do more with other letter combos.

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Punny Pagan Bookmarks

Printable Pagan bookmarks

Fun pun bookmarks


A new set of bookmarks for some summer reading. I made the Bast one for my daughter a while ago, and thought of a few other puns to go along with it. This is just a single page PDF with 4 small bookmarks on it to cut out. Can you tell we’re big readers in our house?

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Simple Altar Tool Coloring Pages

altar tool coloring pages for Pagan kids

Simple altar tool coloring pages for Pagan kids


Nothing fancy today (I’m super-busy trying to get a house bought). Just a little 6-page set of coloring pages for altar tools. Would be good for early readers who are just learning some words. See a sample.

The graphics have nice thick borders for kids just getting the hang of coloring inside the lines.

I feel that I should say more, but that’s about it. Enjoy some coloring!

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Altar Tool Mazes

Mazes with Pagan altar tools

Mazes with Pagan altar tools


A set of mazes with an altar tool theme. The designs are pretty simple and each one has an illustration of a common altar tool. There are 7 pages in this set (see a sample).

They are all roughly the same level of difficulty, which isn’t all that hard but they may be a challenge for really little kids.

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Altar Tool Word Jumbles


pagan word jumble printable worksheet

A word jumble printable on Pagan altar tools.


These word puzzles have a bunch of words with the letters mixed up, and you have to figure out what each one is. Some people call them word scrambles.

There are 10 words on each work sheet, and they are all related to altar tools and other things you might find on an altar (see a sample).

The pack has 5 pages in it, all with some illustrations.

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Altar Lapbook

pagan lapbook downloads

A lapbook download on altars


Been working on this altar lapbook for a while and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. More lapbooks will be coming!

This is a 9 page set with pieces you cut out to create a file folder lapbook. I’ve included some photos and instructions for those who are really unfamiliar with the lapbook concept. It’s used mainly for homeschooling projects, and this one is all about altars.

Each piece has spaces to write in as the child learns each bit of information. There are flap-books for the 4 elements and the 4 directions, and lists for colors and items on an altar. Other mini-books have the meaning of the pentacle and why you would have an altar. There are also 2 little books to list special altar items for each Sabbat (see a sample).

This is a little more complicated than our other printables, so I hope it’s all clear and easy to use.

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Altar Tool Word Searches


Altar tool word searches

Altar tool word searches



This is a small pack of Pagan word search puzzles that feature all sorts of altar tools or things you would find in your sacred space.

There are 5 puzzles in this pack, each with a random mix of altar terms and an illustration (see a sample).


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Altar Tool Fill-ins

pagan word puzzles

Altar tool fill-in puzzles


All the things you might find on an altar makes for some great Pagan vocabulary terms for these fill-in puzzles.

There are 5 puzzles in this set, each with a mix of altar terms. (see a sample)


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