Artemis the Brave Book Study

pagan book study units


Started work on one of my homeschool-related projects, and that is a line of book study units to go with Pagan books.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good Pagan novels out there to work with so I am starting off with the Goddess Girls series (for ages 9 to 12). Possibly a little young to be doing writing units like this, but I had to start somewhere.

There is a single page worksheet for each of the 11 chapters (see a sample), each with vocabulary words to learn and questions to answer about that chapter. It’s usually just remembering details, rather than in-depth analysis.

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Pagan Curriculum

I’ve heard a lot of Pagan parents say that they wish they could find some Pagan curriculum. Well, I have to say that unless I am seriously misinformed, there is no such thing out there. It did get me thinking about what a Pagan curriculum might look like.

I’d like to think that the worksheets here at Little Pagan Acorns might help add some “Pagan-ness” to your otherwise secular homeschooling, but here are some ideas that would go beyond that to give a spiritual center to your teachings that matches your faith.

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