Artemis the Brave Book Study

pagan book study units


Started work on one of my homeschool-related projects, and that is a line of book study units to go with Pagan books.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good Pagan novels out there to work with so I am starting off with the Goddess Girls series (for ages 9 to 12). Possibly a little young to be doing writing units like this, but I had to start somewhere.

There is a single page worksheet for each of the 11 chapters (see a sample), each with vocabulary words to learn and questions to answer about that chapter. It’s usually just remembering details, rather than in-depth analysis.

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Alphabetical Order Practice

learning alphabet Pagan printables for homeschool

Learning to alphabetize words, for little Pagans


For the little Pagans just learning their alphabet. These are pages to practice putting words in alphabetical order.

One page is a mix of generic terms, one is season/Sabbat based and the last one is a little tougher to practice using the second or third letter to get the order right.

For all of them, the list of words is on the left and your child relists them in the spaces on the right. There are 3 pages in all.

Probably not fun enough to be considered puzzles, but they would work nicely for anyone doing homeschooling.

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Moon Lapbook

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

I am a little shocked that this idea hadn’t come to me sooner. A lapbook on the moon, that mixes astronomy and a little Pagan magick too.

There are pieces that focus on spells and deities, but also more pieces on the science aspects of the moon. The photos show you one idea on how to arrange everything. How you put it together is up to you.

There are more photos on the last page that might help you see how the folds are all done if you’re not already familiar with our lapbooks.

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Basic Math Worksheets

Pagan math worksheets for homeschoolers

Basic math skills worksheets with a Pagan theme


I think I’ve mentioned that I wanted to tackle a few more “academic” subjects for Pagan homeschoolers, and this is the first of 4 batches of basic math worksheets.

Each set has 3 levels from easy to more difficult (more digits basically). Adorned whimsically with Pagan symbols, these are just standard math practice sheets. Just addition and subtraction now, but there will be all 4 main math functions coming up. Each set has 6 pages (2 pages per level).

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Volcanoes Lapbook

lapbook on volcanoes

A free lapbook on volcanoes, with a little Pagan touch.

This is a slightly more academic lapbook on volcanoes, that would work with any studies of geology or the Earth. I’ve added a little mythology touch to keep it Pagan but it’s mainly a science-based project to learn about volcanoes.

You’ll need your own references for the info, this is just the pieces to make the lapbook.

There is a map, a pocket of vocabulary terms, a flapbook on several volcano Deities, a diagram of the Earth’s layers, and a booklet on the different kinds of volcanoes.

Fact Family Math, part 2

fact family flash cards

Learning fact families to speed up mental math, for multiplication and division

Ok, it took me more than 2 years but I finally got the second bunch of these fact family flash cards done, this time for multiplication and division. There is an earlier set already done for addition and subtraction, for younger kids just getting into math.

There is a longer explanation on the page about how these work if you’re not familiar with fact families. You can use these cards to memorize each family, up to 10×10.


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Rainbow Lapbook

A lapbook on rainbows with a Pagan slant

A lapbook on rainbows with a Pagan slant

I’m trying to expand a bit to cover non-Pagan topics, but with a Pagan touch. For when you want to do learning or projects on other topics without having to dodge Bible verses.

This is a simple lapbook on rainbows that is designed for fairly young kids, with mostly coloring options inside, but older kids could write instead. Learn about colors, rainbows and related mythology. There is even a little rainbow poem about the Goddess.

There are further instructions in the pack, along with more photos on how it can look. Feel free to get creative with your arranging of the bits and pieces though.

Elemental Chant Handwriting Practice

Elemental chant handwriting practice printable

Elemental chant handwriting practice printable

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve been posting new pages. Been busy selling my house and writing 2 books. I’m back in business and starting a few new lapbooks. But I know you’re all anxiously waiting for more printables, so I didn’t want to keep you in suspense. I had to post something.

So here is a quick 2-page handwriting set with the classic lines of an elemental chant. I have a page for cursive and one for block printing.

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Pagan Story Starters

Pagan story starters printables

Creative writing with Pagan story starters


My daughter loves to write so I thought these might be fun for some other Pagan families looking to find something to do on these long winter afternoons.

The idea is that the text at the top sets the scene, and your child gets creative and writes the rest of the story. Or even a poem inspired by the idea. Whatever.

There are 5 pages in here, with simple borders and plenty of space for writing (see a sample).
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Haiku Poetry Unit

haiku poems for Pagan kids

Writing haiku poems for Pagan kids


My daughter loves writing haiku poems because they are short and easy to do. If you wanted to introduce your kids to some poetry, why not try some Pagan-flavored haiku?

If you’re homeschooling, this type of project would be around the grade 4 area but any age kids can understand and do some poetry.

This is a 4-page set, with an intro page on haiku, 2 full-page poem pages as examples and a blank page for your own poem (see a sample).