Calendar Pages for 2015

Printable Pagan calendar pages

Printable Pagan calendar pages. Stay organized in 2015.


My annual set of printable Pagan calendar sheets are up and ready for 2015. As usual, there are 12 pages and each month shows the full moon dates and relevant Sabbats. Lots of space in the squares for writing in notes and appointments (see a sample).

And by popular demand, I’ve added a second set for the southern hemisphere that has the seasonal references and Sabbats reversed.

I plan on doing another set of these in a few days, to include other date information like major national holidays. I know I’ve said that before, but I mean it this time (they’re done!). So if you want one that has things like Mother’s Day and Labor Day, click here.


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Weekly To-Do Lists

Pagan-themed weekly to-do lists

Pagan-themed weekly to-do lists

Another little set of organizing pages, with 4 variations on a weekly to-do list. I made these for myself and thought I’d share (see a sample).

There are 2 with a faint pentacle and 2 with a triquetra. Each one then has an entry at the bottom with the correspondences for that day, and one without. That makes a total of 4 combinations. Just take the one you like and print out a few.

They are not dated, so you can use them to keep track of your weekly plans whenever you need to. I’m using mine to map out my homeschooling tasks each week.