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Pagan scavenger hunt printable lists

Scavenger Hunt Lists

I’m calling them “mythology marches” because I’m tired of tagging everything Pagan. This is a little 3-page set of scavenger hunt lists for your usual outdoor walk in the woods . The first page is a really simple elemental one for younger kids, and the...

pagan unit studies

Pagan People Unit Study

A bit more of an academic study this time, with a collection of biographies of important people in modern Paganism. It’s a 22-page package that covers a brief bio of 9 significant Pagans and Wiccans. There are bio pages, book lists for each person, and...

Pagan people word search printables

Pagan People Word Searches

I am actually starting on a new unit study about several notable Pagan people, but I thought I would toss these out there in the meantime. If you are doing any work on the current state of Paganism in the world, then getting to know...