Notebooking Pages for Stones

stone and crystal notebooking pages

Printable notebooking pages on stones and crystals, from a Pagan point of view.


For anyone doing a study on stones or crystals, including their magickal attributes, these printables are great for anyone into notebooking. Great for homeschooling or to be added to a growing BOS volume.

There are 24 pages, showing 23 common stones used in rituals and a blank page you can print out multiple times to make your own sheets (see a sample)

The images are in color, but will print out fine if you are doing black and white. If you are printing in b/w, I suggest letting kids look through the pictures on the computer so they can see the true look of the stones. Without color, they’re all kind of going to look alike.

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Stones and Crystals Wordsearch

Stones word search puzzles for Pagan kids

Stones word search puzzles for Pagan kids


How could I not have done any pages on stones or crystals yet. Shame on me.

Just a quickie set of 8 word searches on various stones and crystals that are used in spells and other Pagan rituals.

Each page has a little illustration though I found it kind of hard to get decent graphics for stones (see a sample).

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