Creative Arts with the Muses

pagan printables

Explore your creative side with the Muses

A longer package than usual, with a 24-page set of printables on the Muses. It’s a unit study to explore creativity following the theme of the 9 Greek Muses.

There are 9 pages illustrating the Muses, with their roles and traits. Along with that are a list of suggested activities that go along with them. They are very loose suggestions and you can adapt them to suit your interests. To help, I’ve include another 14 pages to go with the activities. There are craft templates, poems to read or perform, blank sheets for research or whatever.

Do one activity per Muse, or tackle them all. Might be some fun inspiration for summer activities over the holiday.

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The Nine Noble Virtues

nine noble virtues pagan worksheets

Learning values, the Pagan way


After seeing so many Bible-based pages that teach values, I figured there needed to be something more Pagan. I based these pages on the Norse 9 Noble Virtues, though I kept the explanations fairly simple for kids. Each one outlines the virtue along with a quote from the Havamal that illustrates the idea (see a sample).

Use them as handouts, or stick one on the fridge each week to learn a new value. I may repost these as half-pages later as well. Not sure.


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