What is Pagan Homeschooling?

Well, I suppose the really obvious answer is it’s homeschooling for Pagans. Pretty simple. But what does it cover and why would it matter?

First of all, the world of homeschooling is dominated by overt Christianity and those of us who follow a different path get very frustrated by the constant religiosity that homeschooling materials can convey. We don’t want worksheets covered in Bible verses and we aren’t too interested in a faith-based view of science. Trying to find secular homeschool materials is tough enough, but it’s almost impossible to find anything specifically Pagan. And this is what has led me to create this site.

pagan homeschool printablesSo what exactly does Pagan homeschool cover? That is a tough one. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of different Pagan faiths out there, and I can’t really speak for them all. In general, there would be materials that utilize the terminology and concepts that are found in Pagan religions, such as the various holidays, sacred objects, Deities and more.

And not only are Pagan terms used in place of Christian ones, there should also be some more in-depth educational material to teach about each faith. I plan on offering more of that content later, but am focusing more on the simpler pages that just use Pagan vocabulary.

A Pagan homeschool plan might include history that focuses on their particular faith. Not just the history of the religion itself, but of the nation or culture where the faith originated. For example, a Wiccan family might study the history of Britain whereas a Hellenstic one would spend time learning about ancient Greece. Geography and social studies could follow the same directions. Craft projects could involve altars, sacred objects, holidays or foods that are spiritually important.

Most Pagan faiths don’t have the equivalent of a Bible, so the constant use of scripture isn’t usually part of a Pagan homeschool plan. Poetry, quotes and other similar texts may be used in place of this. Secular but nature-oriented material often fits the bill nicely.

Has that shed some light on the nature of homeschooling for Pagans? If any of these sounds like it fits in with your beliefs, check out the rest of the site for worksheets, games, puzzles and a mix of printables for homeschooling as well as just for fun.

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