Ancestors Lapbook

ancestor lapbook for pagan kids
Make lapbook while looking back at your family tree

Our latest lapbook isn’t the most Pagan topic, but I got thinking about ancestors after Samhain and I ended up with this. 

I have intentionally kept the number of pieces small so you have more room for your own additions, like photos of various family members or other related memorabilia. 

Anyway, the intent is to create a starting point to learn more about your family and ancestors, and hopefully make a connection to where you came from.

This printable set has a family tree diagram, a little tabbed book to write a biography of an ancestor, place to record notable people, a little poem, a flag to draw and color to represent a country your family is from. 

I have also included a few links at the end of the file for free genealogy research if you want to keep digging for your ancestors.  

Pagan printablesDownload Ancestor Lapbook

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