Get to Know Stones

learning stones and crystals for pagan kids

Yep, I’m back to making some new pages and projects. This is the first in my series of Pagan “Get to know….” files, because I couldn’t think of anything more clever to call them. This is a 50-page PDF document that isn’t meant to be printed out (though you can if you want).

Each page has a selection of full-color images of a type of stone, in tumbled or point form and in the rough, and the next page has the name and basic correspondences. The idea is that your child can flip through it, page by page, and see if they can identify the stones.

In case it’s confusing, the last page has a group of jet, onyx and obsidian all together. I did it because they are very hard to tell apart and I thought it would be clearer to have them close on one page.

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