Pagan Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Pagan alphabet printables

Coloring the alphabet, the Pagan way

Not quite as “Pagan” as I had planned on, but here is a set of alphabet coloring sheets that includes a mix of nature and Pagan images.

There are 26 sheets, each with a large letter (upper and lower case) as well as several other illustrations of things that start with that letter. If you want a smaller format, check out the page for mini-alphabet pages.

I stuck to simple terms as often as I could. Kids who don’t even know their letters yet aren’t going to be too interested in “widdershins” or “Lughnasadh”. I also left out references to Deities so that it would appeal to anyone, regardless of your personal pantheon.

So I was left with a lot of Wiccan and nature terms. Hope that’s suitable for most folks. More path-specific sets may be forthcoming.

Oh, and I now have a similar type of set for numbers too.

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