Pheme the Gossip Book Study


To go with the Goddess Girls book, “Pheme the Gossip”, this 23-page package includes content questions and vocabulary words for each chapter. You can use the vocab words for spelling or cursive practice too.

Along with the 13 chapter-by-chapter worksheets, there are also additional writing prompts on being a reporter, problems with gossip and a look at other solar myths.

Answer key is also included.


More on the Goddess Girls series:

The Goddess Girls series of books follows many of the traditional Greek Goddesses as young teenagers in a fun high-school setting. They blend mythology with the usual social and personal themes you expect for this age group (fitting in, being honest, etc.) They are geared towards a 9 to 12 age group.

This unit goes with the book “Pheme the Gossip”. The themes are about gossiping, respect, privacy and friendship.