Salem Shop Math Program


Spend 3 months running your very own Pagan shop, as a fun and realistic way to practice basic math.

The 88-page e-book contains a complete instruction guide about how to manage your store, a set of printable forms and invoices for you to use, a complete day-by-day narrative of everything going on at the shop, and a collection of other separate activities to go along with the math.

Whether you choose to work on the program daily, or stretch the days out over a longer period of time is up to you. There is no requirement to work on the days to match a real-life calendar. You just have to do them in order.

You’ll process sales, write checks, manage inventory levels and keep a running bank account total. Refunds, sales, and shop events are also part of the plan.



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I’m offering a rough suggested range of grade 3 through grade 6 for this, but it depends on your child’s math abilities and interest in “running a business”. A calculator may help if percents and decimals are not familiar. There are also daily calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, as well as working with demicals in terms of money.

While I tried to keep this as broadly themed as I could, it does have some Wiccan leanings with several references to covens and pentacles. I think that it should still be creative and relevant no matter what your specific path.

An answer key is included, providing totals for each day’s transactions.