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pagan sabbat recipes

Sabbat Cookbook

It’s a billion degrees at my house so forgive my lack of wittiness. I’m too darn hot. This ebook is about 50 pages long, with 5 recipes for each of the eight traditional Pagan or Wiccan Sabbats. The intention is that you can print out...

pagan crossword printables

Pagan Crosswords

Figured I’d do some “generic” Pagan crosswords, without any real theme to any of them. I think these are a little tougher than my usual puzzles, and might need some adult help. I tried doing more riddle-style clues instead of the usual question/answer, which means...

year printables for Pagans

Months of the Year

Get to know the months of the year with this new 12-page set of printables. Basic info on each month of the year, with a Pagan slant, is included in each page: where the name comes from, how many days, what sabbats are in that...

printable pagan yule cards

Yule Greeting Cards

I have a set of 5 printable Yule cards, ready to be colored in. You fold each page into quarters, and the image should sit nicely on the cover. Some have a message on the inside, and some are blank (see a sample). Some are...

sabbat printables for pagans

Seasonal Sabbat Buntings

A different kind of printable coloring sheet for Sabbats and seasons: decorative flags or buntings. There is 24 pages to this set, with 1 each for the Sabbats and then a mix of seasonal designs that you can print in whatever combination floats your boat....

Imbolc pages

Imbolc Collection

This is a mixed bag of activities and worksheets for the Pagan Sabbat of Imbolc. It’s the usual collection as I’ve done for the other 7 Sabbats, with word searches, puzzles, mazes, handwriting practice, a recipe, and two coloring sheets that reflect the theme and...

Pagan printables and downloads for Yule

Yule Collection

  It’s that time of year again. I have the latest Sabbat pack of mixed pages done for Yule. Since most mainstream Christmas stuff is all Pagan anyway, this is one of those holidays when it’s easy to find stuff. Even so, I have put...

Samhain printables for Pagan kids

Samhain Collection

Since Samhain is the one Pagan Sabbat that is widely celebrated in a more-or-less authentic manner, finding printables isn’t too hard around Halloween. But if you’d rather some puzzles and coloring sheets that actually say Samhain instead of Halloween, it’s a little harder. So here...

Ostara printables for pagan parents

Ostara Collection

Here is a pack of Ostara printables, with word search puzzles, coloring pages, an egg-coloring craft, a recipe and some handwriting practice pages. There is 9 pages in all. Celebrate the spring Sabbat with some Ostara (Easter) printables.   Download Ostara collection

mabon printables

Mabon Collection

Finally, back to making new pages. Here is my usual collection of Sabbat goodies, this time for Mabon. There are 9 pages, with word puzzles, a maze, 2 coloring sheets, handwriting practice pages and a harvest-themed recipe. Like with other collections, some of these pages...