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crystals for pagan kids

Get to Know Stones

Yep, I’m back to making some new pages and projects. This is the first in my series of Pagan “Get to know….” files, because I couldn’t think of anything more clever to call them. This is a 50-page PDF document that isn’t meant to be...

stone and crystal notebooking pages

Notebooking Pages for Stones

  For anyone doing a study on stones or crystals, including their magickal attributes, these printables are great for anyone into notebooking. Great for Pagan homeschooling or to be added to a growing BOS volume. There are 24 pages, showing 23 common stones used in...

Stones word search puzzles for Pagan kids

Stones and Crystals Wordsearch

How could I not have done any pages on stones or crystals yet? Shame on me. Just a quickie set of 8 word searches on various stones and crystals that are used in spells and other Pagan rituals. Each page has a little illustration though...