Pagan homeschool printables for games and puzzles

Welcome to the Little Pagan Acorns site,  with printables for Pagan homeschoolers. Word searches, puzzles, mazes, worksheets, craft ideas are more are all on their way for anyone looking for an alternative to the prevalent Christian homeschooling world.

Even if you’re not a Pagan homeschooling parent, you can use lots of these pages to keep your kids amused and to teach them a little bit about various Pagan paths and pantheons.


Printable Tarot Cards

I have been contacted by U.S Games and apparently my printable is conflicting with their questionable copyrights to the Rider Waite deck card images. The images are more than 100 years old, and my research showed me that they were public domain material. U.S Games has it’s own interpretation apparently.

Since I can clearly not fight a company of this size, the file has been taken down.

I sincerely hope my free little printable hasn’t done irreparable harm to the global brand of U.S Games.

Original post:

Teaching Tarot to kids? Having a DIY printable Tarot deck is a good first step.

This is an 8-page set that has all 78 cards (each one roughly business card size). They are in color but I’ve removed some extra background shading to save on ink and to make the main images stand out better. They’ll print up fine in black and white if you prefer.

Print them, cut them out, and you have a quick free Tarot deck to learn with.

Ok, now stay tuned for the next parts of this series: a kid-friendly Tarot manual, and a more complete unit study to help learn the deck. 

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Pagan Symbol Lacing Cards

Pagan lacing cards for preschool kids

Pagan lacing cards to help little fingers with fine motor movements


I realized that I really don’t have too much for the preschool audience, so I thought I would try something different. These are printables for 4 different styles of lacing cards.

Print them out on heavy cardstock (or laminate them), punch holes and let your kids lace them up with yarn or string.

It’s a great quiet activity to help kids with fine motor control, and to generally keep their hands busy. This is a 2-page set with a pentacle, triquetra, ankh and Norse hammer symbols.


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Basic Math Worksheets

Pagan math worksheets for homeschoolers

Basic math skills worksheets with a Pagan theme


I think I’ve mentioned that I wanted to tackle a few more “academic” subjects for Pagan homeschoolers, and this is the first of 4 batches of basic math worksheets.

Each set has 3 levels from easy to more difficult (more digits basically). Adorned whimsically with Pagan symbols, these are just standard math practice sheets. Just addition and subtraction now, but there will be all 4 main math functions coming up. Each set has 6 pages (2 pages per level).

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Afterlife Unit Study

afterlife unit study

Learn about various forms of the Afterlife

Another unit study has come together. This is about the Afterlife, and what happens after we die. Hopefully not too serious a topic  :)

I have put together pages on 9 religions (Pagan as well as mainstream) to allow for comparisons, and understanding of all kinds of views on the Afterlife.

There are 19 pages in total in this Afterlife unit study. One for each of 9 faiths, a few extra pages listing out things like sins, rules or commandments that influence where your soul goes after death.

There are also some worksheets to answer questions and see what you’ve learned. Even a blank sheet so you can draw your own interpretation of any Afterlife world. Oh, and a crossword puzzle because I like crossword puzzles. Continue reading

2016 Calendar Pages

Printable Pagan calendar pages for 2016

Printable Pagan calendar pages for 2016

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to get ready for 2016. That means time for my annual batch of printable calendar pages (see a sample). I’ve kind of gotten my act together this year and have all the variations ready at the same time.

There are sets with just the usual Sabbats and full moons (both north and south hemisphere) and another set with more national holidays included (again, north and south options). Hopefully, that will suit everyone. Just click on the one you want:


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Volcanoes Lapbook

lapbook on volcanoes

A free lapbook on volcanoes, with a little Pagan touch.

This is a slightly more academic lapbook on volcanoes, that would work with any studies of geology or the Earth. I’ve added a little mythology touch to keep it Pagan but it’s mainly a science-based project to learn about volcanoes.

You’ll need your own references for the info, this is just the pieces to make the lapbook.

There is a map, a pocket of vocabulary terms, a flapbook on several volcano Deities, a diagram of the Earth’s layers, and a booklet on the different kinds of volcanoes.

Notebooking Pages for Stones

stone and crystal notebooking pages

Printable notebooking pages on stones and crystals, from a Pagan point of view.


For anyone doing a study on stones or crystals, including their magickal attributes, these printables are great for anyone into notebooking. Great for homeschooling or to be added to a growing BOS volume.

There are 24 pages, showing 23 common stones used in rituals and a blank page you can print out multiple times to make your own sheets (see a sample)

The images are in color, but will print out fine if you are doing black and white. If you are printing in b/w, I suggest letting kids look through the pictures on the computer so they can see the true look of the stones. Without color, they’re all kind of going to look alike.

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Pagan Crosswords

pagan crossword printables

Pagan crossword printables, guaranteed to stump a few folks

Figured I’d do some “generic” Pagan crosswords, without any real theme to any of them. I think these are a little tougher than my usual puzzles, and might need some adult help.

I tried doing more riddle-style clues instead of the usual question/answer, which means you have to think a little bit more.

Anyway, there are 3 pages in this little printable set (see a sample).


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Fact Family Math, part 2

fact family flash cards

Learning fact families to speed up mental math, for multiplication and division

Ok, it took me more than 2 years but I finally got the second bunch of these fact family flash cards done, this time for multiplication and division. There is an earlier set already done for addition and subtraction, for younger kids just getting into math.

There is a longer explanation on the page about how these work if you’re not familiar with fact families. You can use these cards to memorize each family, up to 10×10.


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Pagan Symbol Mazes

Hand-drawn Pagan symbol maze printables

Hand-drawn Pagan symbol maze printables

I thought I would try my hand at drawing some mazes myself, and it’s a tough job! I hope you like these, cuz there won’t be any more. Ok, well I might do more if people rave and tell me how wonderful they are  :)

There are 3 maze pages in this set, one pentacle, one triquetra and one ankh. With the triquetra maze, you have to choose which path to start from. You need to get to the center for all three.

Difficulty? I dunno. They’re not that hard, but my 11-year old daughter got stumped with the pentacle one for a bit.