Pagan homeschool printables for games and puzzles

Welcome to the Little Pagan Acorns site,  with printables for Pagan homeschoolers. Word searches, puzzles, mazes, worksheets, craft ideas are more are all on their way for anyone looking for an alternative to the prevalent Christian homeschooling world.

Even if you’re not a Pagan homeschooling parent, you can use lots of these pages to keep your kids amused and to teach them a little bit about various Pagan paths and pantheons.


Hindu Word Searches

Word search puzzles on various Hindu Gods and Goddesses


As you may remember, I am looking at expanding some of the pantheons and paths that are covered here at Little Pagan Acorns. So I’m putting together some Hindu stuff. I know more people voted for Native American, but that is such a huge and varied area that I’m not quite ready for it.

This is just a small set, with 2 new puzzles and I also included one older one that was part of the World Deities set from years ago. That makes a total of 3 pages.

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Pantheon Packs

This is a new index page specifically to help you find pages that are organized by pantheon instead of by type of page. So if you want all our various puzzles and worksheets for a specific pantheon, here is the place to be. I’ve got 4 different downloads for each pantheon, rather than have one huge one.

There is a link to the pages for a lapbook, a series of pantheon coloring pages, a collection of notebooking pages for more research, and then a combined mixed pack of worksheets and puzzles. This last one is about 20 pages long, and includes crosswords, jumbles, handwriting pages, mazes, word searches and more.

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Blessed Be A-Z

pagan alphabet poem


I’ve written an alphabet poem that highlights a mix of Pagan images and ideas, across a few different pantheons though I admit there is a signficant Wiccan and nature slant to it.

Each letter has a short poem, with varying types of rhyming patterns from one to the next. This Pagan alphabet poem is 7 pages long and is basically “plain text” without illustration as it is meant to be read aloud (see a sample page).

The plan with this poem is to create a lovely print book with full-color illustrations in the near future. For now, you can have copies of the text as a free download.


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Calendar Pages for 2017

2017 printable Pagan calendar pages

2017 printable Pagan calendar pages


And yes, the wheel has turned yet again and 2017 is soon upon us. That means a new set of printable calendar pages with Pagan holidays and full moon dates.

I have the usual north and south hemisphere versions, but haven’t had time to put together the ones with extra secular holidays included. I may have them available soon, no guarantees. Life is currently limiting my printable-making time.

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Pantheon Poll

I’ve always tried to include a mix of different Pagan paths, but have fallen into a bit of a rut with the usual Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic groups. So I wanted to get some input on what other pantheons or cultures you’d like to see included. Click through to my new poll, and offer up some suggestions.

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Celtic Deity Coloring Pages

celtic coloring pages for pagan kids

Celtic coloring pages


We’re come to the last set of Deity coloring pages, with the final of the four main pantheons.

Though I am naming this batch “Celtic”, I have made a bit of a mix of Irish, British, Gaulish and other similar regions here.

So here are 11-pages of Celtic Deity coloring pages, using symbols and attributes to make up the illustrations.


Egyptian Deity Coloring Pages

egyptian deity coloring pages

Egyptian deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And we are back to our pantheon coloring project, with a new 9-page set of Egyptian deity coloring pages.

If you’re not familiar with this type of printable, these are symbolic page, with images and text that illustrates the concepts, traits, myths and symbols that go along with each God or Goddess.

Egpytian deities tend to overlap a LOT, so it’s not an error that most of the Goddesses are connected to motherhood and children. That’s just the way it is.


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Artemis the Brave Book Study

pagan book study units


Started work on one of my homeschool-related projects, and that is a line of book study units to go with Pagan books.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good Pagan novels out there to work with so I am starting off with the Goddess Girls series (for ages 9 to 12). Possibly a little young to be doing writing units like this, but I had to start somewhere.

There is a single page worksheet for each of the 11 chapters (see a sample), each with vocabulary words to learn and questions to answer about that chapter. It’s usually just remembering details, rather than in-depth analysis.

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Alphabetical Order Practice

learning alphabet Pagan printables for homeschool

Learning to alphabetize words, for little Pagans


For the little Pagans just learning their alphabet. These are pages to practice putting words in alphabetical order.

One page is a mix of generic terms, one is season/Sabbat based and the last one is a little tougher to practice using the second or third letter to get the order right.

For all of them, the list of words is on the left and your child relists them in the spaces on the right. There are 3 pages in all.

Probably not fun enough to be considered puzzles, but they would work nicely for anyone doing homeschooling.

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Greek Deity Coloring Pages

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And the wheel rolls on to our next pantheon: the Greeks. This is an 11-page set of coloring pages for the main Greek Gods and Goddesses.

I regret leaving out a few, so there may be a second installment of this coming up with Demeter, Hecate and a few others.

As with my earlier batch of Norse Gods, this is a symbolic type of page representing the things or myths each God represents (see a sample).

I still have a couple pantheons I want to cover with this but I may tackle something different for my next post so you’re not swamped in coloring pages….

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