Pagan homeschool printables for games and puzzles

Welcome to the Little Pagan Acorns site,  with printables for Pagan homeschoolers. Word searches, puzzles, mazes, worksheets, craft ideas are more are all on their way for anyone looking for an alternative to the prevalent Christian homeschooling world.

Even if you’re not a Pagan homeschooling parent, you can use lots of these pages to keep your kids amused and to teach them a little bit about various Pagan paths and pantheons.


Norse Pantheon Lapbook

free Norse mythology lapbook

Inside the Norse mythology lapbook


Latest lapbook is all about the Norse pantheon and their mythology.

There are 9 pages I think, including some photos of the completed lapbook that you can use as a guide but that don’t need to be printed out. Pieces for 8 major Deities, a tabbed book on the story of Ragnarok, some mythological animals, the 9 noble virtues and a diagram of Yggdrasil that you can label with the various realms.

Just cut out all the bits, fold them up and arrange them as you want on a file folder. Fill in all the pieces with info you learn on the Norse Gods & Goddesses. Click on the image to see and download the file.


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Mini Alphabet Coloring Pages

Pagan alphabet pages

New set of Pagan alphabet pages


At the request of a follower, I’ve remade my original set of alphabet coloring pages so that they are now only half-page in size each.

That makes a total of 13 pages, each with 2 letters on them. You can cut them apart to make big flashcards, or just coloring pages that are a little easier to transport around (see a sample).

I hope this format makes the pages a little more flexible and helpful for you Pagan parents out there.


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Seasonal Sabbat Buntings

sabbat printables for pagans


A different kind of printable coloring sheet for Sabbats and seasons: decorative flags or buntings. There is 24 pages to this set, with 1 each for the Sabbats and then a mix of seasonal designs that you can print in whatever combination floats your boat (see a sample).

You cut each one out, and fold the little flap at the top so you can hang them from a long string or piece of yarn. I think they are a fun way to decorate for the Sabbats or just to honor the seasons.

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Herbal Notebooking Pages

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant


Notebooking pages for magickal or medicinal herbal studies, or however you want to use them. I’ve included 25 herbs and one blank page that you can use to create your own additional entries. There are some blanks to fill in about each herb, and a larger section I’ve called “folklore” where any other information can be written in (see a sample).

They are illustrated with vintage botanical drawings, which are really just for show. I wouldn’t count on them for any real field identification or anything like that.

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Goddess Game

Free printable Goddess board game

Free printable Goddess board game


This is one of the first printables I wanted to do, and finally got it done! It’s a printable board game, with a mix of nature and Wiccan/Goddess imagery through it.

It’s just a single page, and should be self-explanatory.

You can play with buttons for tokens, and flip a coin to either go 1 or 2 with each turn. Follow the instructions on each square. Many are just symbols where you do nothing, and others have you move again or whatever. You can play with dice, but you’ll move through the board too quickly.

It’s a fun way to pass the time with a couple of younger kids.


Witch’s Creed Cursive Pages

Witch's Creed poem cursive printables for Pagans

Witch’s Creed poem cursive printables

This is a set of cursive practice sheets based on the Witch’s Creed poem by Doreen Valiente. Each page has one 4-line verse, with space underneath to repeat the entire verse once (see a sample).

Because the vocabulary is a little more advanced, I didn’t think anyone would be using these at a “print learning” stage. If people ask, I am happy to make another set with print instead.

There are 15 pages in total, each with 4 lines of writing practice.

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Egyptian Pantheon Lapbook

free Egyptian mythology lapbook

Egyptian mythology lapbook

My next pantheon lapbook is done. This is a mix of mythology and Deities, to go along with any studies of ancient Egypt (from a Pagan standpoint or not).

There are about 10 pages in the pack, including several photos illustrating the final product (
see the file). As usual, you can rearrange the pieces anyway you want. This was just my design.

Nine Gods and Goddesses are included, as well as a little hieroglyphics flapbook, the riddle of the Sphinx, the legend of Isis and Osiris, and a little cartouche to draw your own “name”. You’ll have to do your own research to get the information though. This is strictly the lapbook pieces only.

Nothing complicated but a fun way to put together an introduction to the Egyptian pantheon. For older kids, you could try our Egyptian notebooking pages instead.

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Altar Tool Mazes

Mazes with Pagan altar tools

Mazes with Pagan altar tools


A set of mazes with an altar tool theme. The designs are pretty simple and each one has an illustration of a common altar tool. There are 7 pages in this set (see a sample).

They are all roughly the same level of difficulty, which isn’t all that hard but they may be a challenge for really little kids.

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Weekly To-Do Lists

Pagan-themed weekly to-do lists

Pagan-themed weekly to-do lists

Another little set of organizing pages, with 4 variations on a weekly to-do list. I made these for myself and thought I’d share (see a sample).

There are 2 with a faint pentacle and 2 with a triquetra. Each one then has an entry at the bottom with the correspondences for that day, and one without. That makes a total of 4 combinations. Just take the one you like and print out a few.

They are not dated, so you can use them to keep track of your weekly plans whenever you need to. I’m using mine to map out my homeschooling tasks each week.


Celtic Deity Crossword Puzzles

Celtic mythology crossword puzzles

Celtic mythology crossword puzzles

Ok, I’ve finally finished my series of pantheon crosswords with this little pack of Celtic-themed puzzles.

There are 3 crossword puzzles with Deities and myth from Irish, Welsh and other Celtic regions (see a sample).


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