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Tarot Cards for Kids

Tarot deck for kids

Tarot for Kids!


This is a 30-page PDF file, with a complete deck of original Tarot cards in 2 sizes (1 set is 4/page and 1 set is 10/page). Just print out the pages you need. They are in full color and use a fun mix of cartoon images to illustrate the cards in the traditional way (read more on this product).

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Printable Tarot Cards for Kids – 99 cents




*PDF only*
Activity Book #1

The activity book is now out of print, and only available as a PDF that you can print yourself.

Inside, you’ll find 50 pages with:

• word searches
• mazes
• crosswords
• jumbles
• madlibs
• blank pages for doodling
• story starters for a little creative writing
• a single-page board game (you supply markers and a coin)

Pagan activity and puzzle book

Our first Pagan activity book!

Pagan puzzle book

An inside peek

Some of the puzzles have been taken from the website, like the crosswords, but unless your kids have them all memorized, it’s pretty doubtful it will matter.  🙂

Please be aware that this is not a “professionally published” book, and due to the small scale of the project, the price per book is higher than anticipated. I hope that if people enjoy this kind of product, our next edition will be produced on a larger scale (meaning a lower price).


Download PDF version – $5.00

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