Herbal Notebooking Pages

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant

Notebooking pages for magickal or medicinal herbal studies, or however you want to use them. I’ve included 25 herbs and one blank page that you can use to create your own additional entries.

There are some blanks to fill in about each herb, and a larger section I’ve called “folklore” where any other information can be written in.

They are illustrated with vintage botanical drawings, which are really just for show. I wouldn’t count on them for any real field identification or anything like that.

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  1. September 18, 2015

    […] Little Pagan Acorns has a set of notebooking pages with each herb already written on the page and a drawing of each herb. […]