Alphabetical Order Practice

learning alphabet Pagan printables for homeschool

Learning to alphabetize words, for little Pagans


For the little Pagans just learning their alphabet. These are pages to practice putting words in alphabetical order.

One page is a mix of generic terms, one is season/Sabbat based and the last one is a little tougher to practice using the second or third letter to get the order right.

For all of them, the list of words is on the left and your child relists them in the spaces on the right. There are 3 pages in all.

Probably not fun enough to be considered puzzles, but they would work nicely for anyone doing homeschooling.

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Greek Deity Coloring Pages

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And the wheel rolls on to our next pantheon: the Greeks. This is an 11-page set of coloring pages for the main Greek Gods and Goddesses.

I regret leaving out a few, so there may be a second installment of this coming up with Demeter, Hecate and a few others.

As with my earlier batch of Norse Gods, this is a symbolic type of page representing the things or myths each God represents (see a sample).

I still have a couple pantheons I want to cover with this but I may tackle something different for my next post so you’re not swamped in coloring pages….

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Norse Deity Coloring Pages

Norse Deity coloring pages for Pagan kids

Norse Deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


Since I can’t draw, and it’s too hard to make coloring pages with actual people, I’ve done a symbolic type of coloring page for 8 of the main Norse Deities. Kind of like my earlier pages on colors.

Each one has various smaller images that relate in some way to the Gods or Goddesses, not always as traits though.

You can learn more about each one by figuring out what the pictures represent (what’s that boat for Freyr about?).

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Sabbat Cookbook

pagan sabbat recipes



It’s a billion degrees at my house so forgive my lack of wittiness. I’m too darn hot.

I think this is about 50 pages long, with 5 recipes for each of the eight Sabbats.

The intention is that you can print out the pages you need any time through the year, so they’re done in my usual b/w graphic style (download Sabbat recipes cookbook). It’s written with kids in mind.

There is a mix of sweets, drinks and main course foods in this so you should be able to find the right recipe for your next Sabbat feast.



Mythological Places Word Searches

mythology word search puzzle printables

Mythological places word search

Sorry, it’s been a while since any new printables have been posted. Working on a bigger project which should see the light of day soon.

At any rate, here is a little bundle of 4 word searches based on various mythological places (one each for Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic).

I picked places from myth but sometimes they are just historic locations for that area. Basically a mix of location names associated with each Pagan culture. I think these would go nicely with the mythological creatures puzzles  🙂


Tarot for Kids Manual



The next installment in our larger Tarot project is now finished. The Tarot Manual for Kids is now available, and it can be used with our custom card designs or with any traditional deck you already own.

This book is about 40-pages long, and outlines the simple meaning and symbolism behind each card. It’s longer than most of our printable sets, so it might take a minute or two to download.

It currently doesn’t have any material on how to layout the cards or interpret meanings. This is a strictly card-by-card interpretation. Future pages will have more instruction on the how of Tarot.

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Mini Symbol Bookmarks

Symbol bookmarks for Pagan kids

Symbol bookmarks for Pagan kids

Just a quicky single page printable today. Around our house, we are always scrounging around for bookmarks because we homeschool and probably use about 8 different books a day.

So I whipped up a little batch of small bookmarks with Pagan and Wiccan symbols on them. Just print them out, cut them apart and you’ll have an almost-instant batch of 10 Pagan bookmarks.



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Moon Lapbook

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

I am a little shocked that this idea hadn’t come to me sooner. A lapbook on the moon, that mixes astronomy and a little Pagan magick too.

There are pieces that focus on spells and deities, but also more pieces on the science aspects of the moon. The photos show you one idea on how to arrange everything. How you put it together is up to you.

There are more photos on the last page that might help you see how the folds are all done if you’re not already familiar with our lapbooks.

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Zentangle Style Coloring Pages

Detailed Pagan coloring pages, for adults or kids

Detailed Pagan coloring pages, for adults or kids


I got inspired by the current range of adult coloring books, using the detailed designs known sometimes as “zentangle”. Not sure if that’s a term anyone is going to recognize, but I had to call these something. So that’s what they are.

This download has 4 pages, with a pentacle, triquetra, ankh and a triple moon (see a sample). They are quite a bit more detailed than the other coloring pages I’ve done, so they’d be better for patient older kids or adults.

Please note that these are hand-drawn, so the lines are aren’t perfectly dark and smooth. That just adds to their charm, I think.

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Printable Tarot Cards for Kids

Tarot deck for kids

Tarot for Kids!

The printable Tarot for Kids has finally been completed!

This is a 30-page PDF file, with a complete deck of original Tarot cards in 2 sizes (1 set is 4/page and 1 set is 10/page). Just print out the pages you need. They are in full color and use a fun mix of cartoon images to illustrate the cards in the traditional way.

Unlike most of the material on this site, this printable is not free. Sorry, it was many hard weeks in the making and I figured that a price tag of 99 cents was still pretty fair.

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