Creative Writing

Pagan Story Starters

Pagan story starters printables

Creative writing with Pagan story starters


My daughter loves to write so I thought these might be fun for some other Pagan families looking to find something to do on these long winter afternoons.

The idea is that the text at the top sets the scene, and your child gets creative and writes the rest of the story. Or even a poem inspired by the idea. Whatever.

There are 5 pages in here, with simple borders and plenty of space for writing (see a sample).
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Haiku Poetry Unit

haiku poems for Pagan kids

Writing haiku poems for Pagan kids


My daughter loves writing haiku poems because they are short and easy to do. If you wanted to introduce your kids to some poetry, why not try some Pagan-flavored haiku?

If you’re homeschooling, this type of project would be around the grade 4 area but any age kids can understand and do some poetry.

This is a 4-page set, with an intro page on haiku, 2 full-page poem pages as examples and a blank page for your own poem (see a sample).