Moon Lapbook

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

I am a little shocked that this idea hadn’t come to me sooner. A lapbook on the moon, that mixes astronomy and a little Pagan magick too.

There are pieces that focus on spells and deities, but also more pieces on the science aspects of the moon. The photos show you one idea on how to arrange everything. How you put it together is up to you.

There are more photos on the last page that might help you see how the folds are all done if you’re not already familiar with our lapbooks.

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Volcanoes Lapbook

lapbook on volcanoes

A free lapbook on volcanoes, with a little Pagan touch.

This is a slightly more academic lapbook on volcanoes, that would work with any studies of geology or the Earth. I’ve added a little mythology touch to keep it Pagan but it’s mainly a science-based project to learn about volcanoes.

You’ll need your own references for the info, this is just the pieces to make the lapbook.

There is a map, a pocket of vocabulary terms, a flapbook on several volcano Deities, a diagram of the Earth’s layers, and a booklet on the different kinds of volcanoes.

Rainbow Lapbook

A lapbook on rainbows with a Pagan slant

A lapbook on rainbows with a Pagan slant

I’m trying to expand a bit to cover non-Pagan topics, but with a Pagan touch. For when you want to do learning or projects on other topics without having to dodge Bible verses.

This is a simple lapbook on rainbows that is designed for fairly young kids, with mostly coloring options inside, but older kids could write instead. Learn about colors, rainbows and related mythology. There is even a little rainbow poem about the Goddess.

There are further instructions in the pack, along with more photos on how it can look. Feel free to get creative with your arranging of the bits and pieces though.

Celtic Pantheon Lapbook

Free Celtic mythology lapbook download

Free Celtic mythology lapbook download

Finally, I’ve got lapbooks done for all the major pantheons now. It’s a little simpler than the other ones, I guess I’m running out of lapbook motivation  🙂

Still, there are 10 deities, a map, a blurb on the druids, a blank piece to draw your own Stonehenge and a flapbook with the story of Cerridwen and Gwion.

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Norse Pantheon Lapbook

free Norse mythology lapbook

Inside the Norse mythology lapbook


Latest lapbook is all about the Norse pantheon and their mythology.

There are 9 pages I think, including some photos of the completed lapbook that you can use as a guide but that don’t need to be printed out. Pieces for 8 major Deities, a tabbed book on the story of Ragnarok, some mythological animals, the 9 noble virtues and a diagram of Yggdrasil that you can label with the various realms.

Just cut out all the bits, fold them up and arrange them as you want on a file folder. Fill in all the pieces with info you learn on the Norse Gods & Goddesses. Click on the image to see and download the file.


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Egyptian Pantheon Lapbook

free Egyptian mythology lapbook

Egyptian mythology lapbook

My next pantheon lapbook is done. This is a mix of mythology and Deities, to go along with any studies of ancient Egypt (from a Pagan standpoint or not).

There are about 10 pages in the pack, including several photos illustrating the final product (
see the file). As usual, you can rearrange the pieces anyway you want. This was just my design.

Nine Gods and Goddesses are included, as well as a little hieroglyphics flapbook, the riddle of the Sphinx, the legend of Isis and Osiris, and a little cartouche to draw your own “name”. You’ll have to do your own research to get the information though. This is strictly the lapbook pieces only.

Nothing complicated but a fun way to put together an introduction to the Egyptian pantheon. For older kids, you could try our Egyptian notebooking pages instead.

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What is a Witch? Lapbook

Pagan lapbook on witches

Lapbook on what it means to be a witch


This is a very simple and introductory lapbook to illustrate what it means to be a witch. Yes, I know that “witch” isn’t the best term for all the various Pagan paths, but I had to start somewhere and is the likely the most misunderstood label.

Most of the pieces just require some coloring and drawing, so it’s well-suited for younger kids though I do have a little flapbook on important witches in history as well. But the facts for that are already included.

There are also 6 pieces that illustrate some qualities of a witch, a spinner with stereotypes, a little piece for the child to determine if they are a witch, a blank altar to draw on and a blank Book of Shadows piece. Pentacle and triquetra pieces are just for decoration (see the file).

You just have to supply the blank file folder, and you’re ready to go.

Greek Deities Lapbook

greek mythology lapbook for pagan kids and homeschooling

Greek mythology lapbook


This new lapbook is a mix of Deity pantheon and ancient Greek mythology. It’s not explicitly Pagan but I think it gives a nice introduction to any Hellenic studies.

I’ve included folding pieces for 10 Gods and Goddesses, a list of the original Titans, a small flap book on the heroic myths, and a little pocket piece for mythical creatures (8 of them, I think). There is a title piece for the cover, and a blank page for a drawing of Mount Olympus. Everything is blank inside for your own information entry (see the file).

It’s a 10-page pack with further instructions and the photos of the finished product. You can always rearrange the pieces any way you want. These photos are just an example of how you can put it all together.

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Altar Lapbook

pagan lapbook downloads

A lapbook download on altars


Been working on this altar lapbook for a while and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. More lapbooks will be coming!

This is a 9 page set with pieces you cut out to create a file folder lapbook. I’ve included some photos and instructions for those who are really unfamiliar with the lapbook concept. It’s used mainly for homeschooling projects, and this one is all about altars.

Each piece has spaces to write in as the child learns each bit of information. There are flap-books for the 4 elements and the 4 directions, and lists for colors and items on an altar. Other mini-books have the meaning of the pentacle and why you would have an altar. There are also 2 little books to list special altar items for each Sabbat (see a sample).

This is a little more complicated than our other printables, so I hope it’s all clear and easy to use.

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