Pantheon Packs

This is a new index page specifically to help you find pages that are organized by pantheon instead of by type of page. So if you want all our various puzzles and worksheets for a specific pantheon, here is the place to be. I’ve got 4 different downloads for each pantheon, rather than have one huge one.

There is a link to the pages for a lapbook, a series of pantheon coloring pages, a collection of notebooking pages for more research, and then a combined mixed pack of worksheets and puzzles. This last one is about 20 pages long, and includes crosswords, jumbles, handwriting pages, mazes, word searches and more.

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Egyptian Deity Coloring Pages

egyptian deity coloring pages

Egyptian deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And we are back to our pantheon coloring project, with a new 9-page set of Egyptian deity coloring pages.

If you’re not familiar with this type of printable, these are symbolic page, with images and text that illustrates the concepts, traits, myths and symbols that go along with each God or Goddess.

Egpytian deities tend to overlap a LOT, so it’s not an error that most of the Goddesses are connected to motherhood and children. That’s just the way it is.


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Mythological Places Word Searches

mythology word search puzzle printables

Mythological places word search

Sorry, it’s been a while since any new printables have been posted. Working on a bigger project which should see the light of day soon.

At any rate, here is a little bundle of 4 word searches based on various mythological places (one each for Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic).

I picked places from myth but sometimes they are just historic locations for that area. Basically a mix of location names associated with each Pagan culture. I think these would go nicely with the mythological creatures puzzles  🙂


Pagan Crosswords

pagan crossword printables

Pagan crossword printables, guaranteed to stump a few folks

Figured I’d do some “generic” Pagan crosswords, without any real theme to any of them. I think these are a little tougher than my usual puzzles, and might need some adult help.

I tried doing more riddle-style clues instead of the usual question/answer, which means you have to think a little bit more.

Anyway, there are 3 pages in this little printable set (see a sample).


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Egyptian Pantheon Lapbook

free Egyptian mythology lapbook

Egyptian mythology lapbook

My next pantheon lapbook is done. This is a mix of mythology and Deities, to go along with any studies of ancient Egypt (from a Pagan standpoint or not).

There are about 10 pages in the pack, including several photos illustrating the final product (
see the file). As usual, you can rearrange the pieces anyway you want. This was just my design.

Nine Gods and Goddesses are included, as well as a little hieroglyphics flapbook, the riddle of the Sphinx, the legend of Isis and Osiris, and a little cartouche to draw your own “name”. You’ll have to do your own research to get the information though. This is strictly the lapbook pieces only.

Nothing complicated but a fun way to put together an introduction to the Egyptian pantheon. For older kids, you could try our Egyptian notebooking pages instead.

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Egyptian Deity Crossword Puzzles

Egyptian deity crossword puzzles for pagan kids

Crossword puzzles based on Egyptian Deities and myths

Moving on to our next pantheon, here is a 3-page set of Egyptian mythology crossword puzzles (see a sample)

I’ve used a mix of Egyptian Deity information as well as mythology and ancient Egyptian culture to keep the questions varied. The myths of Egypt tend to be quite varied, and have changed over the centuries making them a little less concrete than some other cultures. I did my best 🙂

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Egyptian Deity Notebooking Pages

Egyptian notebooking pages for Pagan homeschooling

Egyptian notebooking pages


These notebooking pages can be used with any Egyptian mythology or pantheon studies. You don’t have to be Pagan to have a use for them.

There are 9 pages, one for each of the main Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Each page has a color illustration, and a space at the top for a quick outline of what each one represents. The rest of the page is just lined space for any research or notes (see a sample).


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