Pantheon Packs

This is a new index page specifically to help you find pages that are organized by pantheon instead of by type of page. So if you want all our various puzzles and worksheets for a specific pantheon, here is the place to be. I’ve got 4 different downloads for each pantheon, rather than have one huge one.

There is a link to the pages for a lapbook, a series of pantheon coloring pages, a collection of notebooking pages for more research, and then a combined mixed pack of worksheets and puzzles. This last one is about 20 pages long, and includes crosswords, jumbles, handwriting pages, mazes, word searches and more.

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Artemis the Brave Book Study

pagan book study units


Started work on one of my homeschool-related projects, and that is a line of book study units to go with Pagan books.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good Pagan novels out there to work with so I am starting off with the Goddess Girls series (for ages 9 to 12). Possibly a little young to be doing writing units like this, but I had to start somewhere.

There is a single page worksheet for each of the 11 chapters (see a sample), each with vocabulary words to learn and questions to answer about that chapter. It’s usually just remembering details, rather than in-depth analysis.

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Greek Deity Coloring Pages

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids

Greek deity coloring pages for Pagan kids


And the wheel rolls on to our next pantheon: the Greeks. This is an 11-page set of coloring pages for the main Greek Gods and Goddesses.

I regret leaving out a few, so there may be a second installment of this coming up with Demeter, Hecate and a few others.

As with my earlier batch of Norse Gods, this is a symbolic type of page representing the things or myths each God represents (see a sample).

I still have a couple pantheons I want to cover with this but I may tackle something different for my next post so you’re not swamped in coloring pages….

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Mythological Places Word Searches

mythology word search puzzle printables

Mythological places word search

Sorry, it’s been a while since any new printables have been posted. Working on a bigger project which should see the light of day soon.

At any rate, here is a little bundle of 4 word searches based on various mythological places (one each for Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Celtic).

I picked places from myth but sometimes they are just historic locations for that area. Basically a mix of location names associated with each Pagan culture. I think these would go nicely with the mythological creatures puzzles  🙂


Pagan Crosswords

pagan crossword printables

Pagan crossword printables, guaranteed to stump a few folks

Figured I’d do some “generic” Pagan crosswords, without any real theme to any of them. I think these are a little tougher than my usual puzzles, and might need some adult help.

I tried doing more riddle-style clues instead of the usual question/answer, which means you have to think a little bit more.

Anyway, there are 3 pages in this little printable set (see a sample).


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Creative Arts with the Muses

pagan printables

Explore your creative side with the Muses

A longer package than usual, with a 24-page set of printables on the Muses. It’s a unit study to explore creativity following the theme of the 9 Greek Muses.

There are 9 pages illustrating the Muses, with their roles and traits. Along with that are a list of suggested activities that go along with them. They are very loose suggestions and you can adapt them to suit your interests. To help, I’ve include another 14 pages to go with the activities. There are craft templates, poems to read or perform, blank sheets for research or whatever.

Do one activity per Muse, or tackle them all. Might be some fun inspiration for summer activities over the holiday.

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Greek Deity Crossword Puzzles

Greek mythology crossword puzzle printables

Greek mythology crossword puzzle printables

Yes, I always seem to the do the Greek pantheon first. I guess I just know them the best. This is the first in a series though, so you can expect more pantheons of Deity crosswords in the next couple of weeks. Honest.

Just 3 puzzles in this batch, because clues are always tough for me to do. I hate just writing “Who is the God/dess of ________?” That’s boring. Here is my usual sample page.

The third puzzle is a tad blurry because it came out too large for the page and had to be shrunk. Let me know if its actually unreadable. Seems OK for me.

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Greek Deities Lapbook

greek mythology lapbook for pagan kids and homeschooling

Greek mythology lapbook


This new lapbook is a mix of Deity pantheon and ancient Greek mythology. It’s not explicitly Pagan but I think it gives a nice introduction to any Hellenic studies.

I’ve included folding pieces for 10 Gods and Goddesses, a list of the original Titans, a small flap book on the heroic myths, and a little pocket piece for mythical creatures (8 of them, I think). There is a title piece for the cover, and a blank page for a drawing of Mount Olympus. Everything is blank inside for your own information entry (see the file).

It’s a 10-page pack with further instructions and the photos of the finished product. You can always rearrange the pieces any way you want. These photos are just an example of how you can put it all together.

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Greek Deity Notebooking Pages

Pagan homeschooling printables and notebooking pages

Notebooking pages for Greek pantheon studies


These blank notebooking pages can be used with any Greek Deity study, whether you are Pagan or not. They would be great for mythology or ancient history too.

The main Greek Gods and Goddesses are included, making a pack of 13 pages. Each page has an illustration, and a space at the top for a quick outline of what each God or Goddess represents. The rest of the page has lined space for free-form notes (see a sample).

The illustrations are mainly statues of each Deity, and there is some nudity. Nothing excessive though.

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