Herbal Notebooking Pages

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant

Herbal notebooking pages with a Pagan slant


Notebooking pages for magickal or medicinal herbal studies, or however you want to use them. I’ve included 25 herbs and one blank page that you can use to create your own additional entries. There are some blanks to fill in about each herb, and a larger section I’ve called “folklore” where any other information can be written in (see a sample).

They are illustrated with vintage botanical drawings, which are really just for show. I wouldn’t count on them for any real field identification or anything like that.

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Herb Jumble Puzzles

printable herb puzzle jumbles

Herbal jumble puzzles to print


The classic jumble is back. This time the theme is herbs, and I have 8 pages of jumbled up herbs for you to figure out. I didn’t include the answers but I am guessing that you can eventually work them all out.

Check out a sample page, or click on the image to download the set.

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Herb Crossword Puzzles

Pagan crossword puzzles on herbs and plants

Herb crossword puzzles for Pagans


Test your herbal knowledge with a few new crossword puzzles.

This is a 5-page set, with the first 2 pages being a little simpler than the others (they’re from my earlier Herb Unit Study, so you may recognize them).

The other 3 are harder, and better for older kids (or adults) who are ready to do a little research if necessary (see a sample).

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Introduction to Herbs Unit Study

pagan homeschool printables

Herbal unit study for Pagan kids


Alrighty, my first unit study is done. It’s an introductory little package to start teaching Pagan kids about herbs (see a sample)

There are 18 pages, and they include several correspondence charts (including 2 to be filled in), and pages on herbs from a Pagan perspective. I’ve also include some worksheets and puzzles. There is an introduction that explains things a bit more but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

I’d love some feedback on this (too simple, not enough info, too detailed etc) so please stop by the Facebook page and leave me a comment.


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Herb Word Searches

herb and plant word searches for free download

Herbal word search pages


Yes, I have more word searches. This collection is an herbal one, with 10 pages of herb and plant related terms, specifically those with magickal or Pagan significance.

There are 10 pages, all with a random mix of herbs. Illustrations are sometimes of specific herbs from the puzzle, but not always (see a sample).

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