Planetary Crosswords

planet crosswords for Pagans



This new set of planetary crossword puzzles is a mix of mythology, astronomy and just a look at the planets from a Pagan perspective. Just 2 pages to this set because there are only so many things you can ask about planets.

These might go along nicely with the planet notebooking pages I already have on the site. Make up a nifty Pagan astronomy study.


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Moon Lapbook

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

A moon lapbook for Pagan kids

I am a little shocked that this idea hadn’t come to me sooner. A lapbook on the moon, that mixes astronomy and a little Pagan magick too.

There are pieces that focus on spells and deities, but also more pieces on the science aspects of the moon. The photos show you one idea on how to arrange everything. How you put it together is up to you.

There are more photos on the last page that might help you see how the folds are all done if you’re not already familiar with our lapbooks.

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Moon Unit Study

free printables about the moon

Unit study on the moon for Pagan kids


I have been itching to do this set for a while, and though it’s not really a full unit study, it’s a good set of printables about the moon from a Pagan viewpoint.

There are a bunch of pages that talk about the symbolic names of each full moon, the ritual aspects of the main moon phases, a page of general moon information and an introduction to some of the main Deities that are associated with the moon (see a sample). Oh, and a crossword puzzle to test out what you’ve learned.

I left out myths and stories about the moon because there were just too many of them to choose from. I may add more pages later.

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Planets Notebooking Pages

notebooking pages on the planets

Printable notebooking pages on the planets


Blank notebooking pages for any projects about the planets of the solar system.

Each page has a color picture of the planet, and lots of room for making notes. The top has specific spots to mark where this planet lies from the sun (4th, 6th etc), and to give details on what areas of our lives each planet influences (That’s what makes these Pagan).

The set has 9 pages, and I have included Pluto (see a sample).

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