Mini Symbol Bookmarks

Symbol bookmarks for Pagan kids

Symbol bookmarks for Pagan kids

Just a quicky single page printable today. Around our house, we are always scrounging around for bookmarks because we homeschool and probably use about 8 different books a day.

So I whipped up a little batch of small bookmarks with Pagan and Wiccan symbols on them. Just print them out, cut them apart and you’ll have an almost-instant batch of 10 Pagan bookmarks.



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Zentangle Style Coloring Pages

Detailed Pagan coloring pages, for adults or kids

Detailed Pagan coloring pages, for adults or kids


I got inspired by the current range of adult coloring books, using the detailed designs known sometimes as “zentangle”. Not sure if that’s a term anyone is going to recognize, but I had to call these something. So that’s what they are.

This download has 4 pages, with a pentacle, triquetra, ankh and a triple moon (see a sample). They are quite a bit more detailed than the other coloring pages I’ve done, so they’d be better for patient older kids or adults.

Please note that these are hand-drawn, so the lines are aren’t perfectly dark and smooth. That just adds to their charm, I think.

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Pagan Symbol Lacing Cards

Pagan lacing cards for preschool kids

Pagan lacing cards to help little fingers with fine motor movements


I realized that I really don’t have too much for the preschool audience, so I thought I would try something different. These are printables for 4 different styles of lacing cards.

Print them out on heavy cardstock (or laminate them), punch holes and let your kids lace them up with yarn or string.

It’s a great quiet activity to help kids with fine motor control, and to generally keep their hands busy. This is a 2-page set with a pentacle, triquetra, ankh and Norse hammer symbols.


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Fact Family Math, part 2

fact family flash cards

Learning fact families to speed up mental math, for multiplication and division

Ok, it took me more than 2 years but I finally got the second bunch of these fact family flash cards done, this time for multiplication and division. There is an earlier set already done for addition and subtraction, for younger kids just getting into math.

There is a longer explanation on the page about how these work if you’re not familiar with fact families. You can use these cards to memorize each family, up to 10×10.


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Pagan Symbol Mazes

Hand-drawn Pagan symbol maze printables

Hand-drawn Pagan symbol maze printables

I thought I would try my hand at drawing some mazes myself, and it’s a tough job! I hope you like these, cuz there won’t be any more. Ok, well I might do more if people rave and tell me how wonderful they are  🙂

There are 3 maze pages in this set, one pentacle, one triquetra and one ankh. With the triquetra maze, you have to choose which path to start from. You need to get to the center for all three.

Difficulty? I dunno. They’re not that hard, but my 11-year old daughter got stumped with the pentacle one for a bit.

Pagan Valentine’s Cards

Printable Pagan Valentine's Day cards

Printable Pagan Valentine’s Day cards

Ok, these were a total impulse make, so they’re pretty simple even for me.

There are 4 Valentine’s designs, each one a quarter page in size. They are cut out and just given flat, like the small valentines kids usually give out (they aren’t meant to be folded). Text is outline so you can color them. Two are simply symbol-based and two have lame puns, because I love lame puns.

If you like a certain design, you can print out just that one (4 to a page) or print out the page at the end for a mixed batch. You might not want to hand these out at school, but they’d be fun in a coven or family setting.

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Printable Fortune-Tellers

printable fortune tellers

Fold your own Pagan themed fortune teller

Some people call these things fortune tellers, or “cootie catchers”. At any rate, I thought a few Pagan-themed ones would be fun.

I’m pretty sure most people know how to use them, so I just included some basic folding instructions. If you really have no clue, drop me a note and I can elaborate  🙂

The 11-page set has Egyptian, Greek, and Norse deities, as well as a more Wiccan one with altar tools, and one with the seasons.

Each one is either blank inside (you can write in your own answers), or one with answers is included. The answers are the same for each one. (see a sample)


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Book-Lovers Bookmarks

pagan bookmarks

Pagan bookmarks for book-lovers


I’ve made up a new little set of printable bookmarks, with book-lovers slogans (with a Pagan twist of course). It’s a single page file, with 5 bookmarks you can cut out. A couple are adapted from bumper sticker slogans  🙂

I thought they would be a nice touch to the back to school season.

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Mini Alphabet Coloring Pages

Pagan alphabet pages

New set of Pagan alphabet pages


At the request of a follower, I’ve remade my original set of alphabet coloring pages so that they are now only half-page in size each.

That makes a total of 13 pages, each with 2 letters on them. You can cut them apart to make big flashcards, or just coloring pages that are a little easier to transport around (see a sample).

I hope this format makes the pages a little more flexible and helpful for you Pagan parents out there.


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Goddess Game

Free printable Goddess board game

Free printable Goddess board game


This is one of the first printables I wanted to do, and finally got it done! It’s a printable board game, with a mix of nature and Wiccan/Goddess imagery through it.

It’s just a single page, and should be self-explanatory.

You can play with buttons for tokens, and flip a coin to either go 1 or 2 with each turn. Follow the instructions on each square. Many are just symbols where you do nothing, and others have you move again or whatever. You can play with dice, but you’ll move through the board too quickly.

It’s a fun way to pass the time with a couple of younger kids.