Pagan Crosswords

pagan crossword printables

Pagan crossword printables, guaranteed to stump a few folks

Figured I’d do some “generic” Pagan crosswords, without any real theme to any of them. I think these are a little tougher than my usual puzzles, and might need some adult help.

I tried doing more riddle-style clues instead of the usual question/answer, which means you have to think a little bit more.

Anyway, there are 3 pages in this little printable set (see a sample).


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Read-Aloud Poems

Learn letter  combination sounds with cute Pagan poems

Learn letter combination sounds with cute Pagan poems

Not exactly sure where I was going with these, but someone asked for more pages for early readers, and this is what you get. I wrote up 3 Pagan-themed poems for kids, each one highlighting a certain combination of letters.

There is a poem for “ch”, “tr” and “th”.

Not sure if these will help with learning to read, but they were fun to write 🙂

If this is what folks want, I will do more with other letter combos.

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Simple Altar Tool Coloring Pages

altar tool coloring pages for Pagan kids

Simple altar tool coloring pages for Pagan kids


Nothing fancy today (I’m super-busy trying to get a house bought). Just a little 6-page set of coloring pages for altar tools. Would be good for early readers who are just learning some words. See a sample.

The graphics have nice thick borders for kids just getting the hang of coloring inside the lines.

I feel that I should say more, but that’s about it. Enjoy some coloring!

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Printable Fortune-Tellers

printable fortune tellers

Fold your own Pagan themed fortune teller

Some people call these things fortune tellers, or “cootie catchers”. At any rate, I thought a few Pagan-themed ones would be fun.

I’m pretty sure most people know how to use them, so I just included some basic folding instructions. If you really have no clue, drop me a note and I can elaborate  🙂

The 11-page set has Egyptian, Greek, and Norse deities, as well as a more Wiccan one with altar tools, and one with the seasons.

Each one is either blank inside (you can write in your own answers), or one with answers is included. The answers are the same for each one. (see a sample)


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Goddess Game

Free printable Goddess board game

Free printable Goddess board game


This is one of the first printables I wanted to do, and finally got it done! It’s a printable board game, with a mix of nature and Wiccan/Goddess imagery through it.

It’s just a single page, and should be self-explanatory.

You can play with buttons for tokens, and flip a coin to either go 1 or 2 with each turn. Follow the instructions on each square. Many are just symbols where you do nothing, and others have you move again or whatever. You can play with dice, but you’ll move through the board too quickly.

It’s a fun way to pass the time with a couple of younger kids.


Witch’s Creed Cursive Pages

Witch's Creed poem cursive printables for Pagans

Witch’s Creed poem cursive printables

This is a set of cursive practice sheets based on the Witch’s Creed poem by Doreen Valiente. Each page has one 4-line verse, with space underneath to repeat the entire verse once (see a sample).

Because the vocabulary is a little more advanced, I didn’t think anyone would be using these at a “print learning” stage. If people ask, I am happy to make another set with print instead.

There are 15 pages in total, each with 4 lines of writing practice.

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Pagan Acrostic Worksheets

free pagan printables for kids

Come up with words for these Pagan acrostic puzzles


Get a little vocabulary work-out with this mixed bunch of acrostic puzzle pages. An acrostic is where you try to think of words that start with each letter of a given word, usually on a theme of some kind.

There are 4 general Pagan terms, then 4 for the elements and 4 for the directions for a total of 12 pages (see a sample).

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Goddess Chant Handwriting Sheets


pagan handwriting printables

Handwriting sheets of the Goddess chant.


This is a small set of handwriting copy sheets that have the lyrics for the Goddess chant, by Z. Budapest. The actual chant repeats the verses, but I have each verse only included once.

With one verse on each page, that makes 3 pages for cursive and 3 pages for block printing (See a sample).

They’re all in the same document since its so short.

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Wiccan Rede Handwriting Worksheets

pagan handwriting worksheets

Wiccan Rede cursive handwriting practice

pagan handwriting practice pages

Block printing practice


For older writers, this is a 26 page set of cursive handwriting worksheets that cover each line of the Wiccan Rede.

Each page has one line from the poem at the top, and then space to copy that line about 3 more times.  (see a sample)

Intended mainly for a Pagan homeschool use, but they would make great worksheets for any Pagan kids who need a little cursive practice.

*Update: At a reader’s request, I’ve added a second pack to these with a block printing version for younger writers (see a sample).

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