What is a Witch? Lapbook

Pagan lapbook on witches

Lapbook on what it means to be a witch

This is a very simple and introductory lapbook to illustrate what it means to be a witch. Yes, I know that “witch” isn’t the best term for all the various Pagan paths, but I had to start somewhere and is the likely the most misunderstood label.

Most of the pieces just require some coloring and drawing, so it’s well-suited for younger kids though I do have a little flapbook on important witches in history as well. But the facts for that are already included.

There are also 6 pieces that illustrate some qualities of a witch, a spinner with stereotypes, a little piece for the child to determine if they are a witch, a blank altar to draw on and a blank Book of Shadows piece. Pentacle and triquetra pieces are just for decoration.

You just have to supply the blank file folder, and you’re ready to go.

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